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Canadian Vacation Ideas #1: Caribou Tour - There are several companies that offer caribou migration tours. This is an unusual vacation idea that will get you up close to the wild caribou and get you out into the real Canadian wilderness.


Canada presents a unique opportunity see one of the world's greatest wildlife spectacles.

You can participate in an exotic wildlife watching tour as the barren-ground caribou set off on their annual migration across the Canadian landscape.

There are over 2 million caribou throughout the country and The Great Canadian Adventure Company will guide you to the 420,000 caribou living in the Beverly Herd.

There are five major herds and this one is the most remote and the most active.

#2: Great Lakes - Head to the shores of the Great Lakes for some summertime vacation fun. From Toronto you can drive to one of the numerous towns along the edges of the lakes.

From there you can enjoy all the outdoor activities that the lake has to offer. Explore the lakes by canoe or kayak. Fishing, camping and hiking and are all cool things to do along the lakes.

The Great Lakes consist of Lake Erie, Hudson, Michigan, Ontario and Superior and they make up the largest body of fresh water in the world.

There are several national parks near the Great Lakes and their remote wilderness areas make for excellent wildlife viewing.

This is the home of peregrines, bald eagles, black bear, elk, grey wolves and the Canada lynx. If you like outdoor vacations then you should be able to find plenty of family fun along The Great Lakes.

Canadian Vacation Ideas #3: Mount Logan - Along the south-western corner of the Yukon is Canada’s Mount Logan and Kluane National Park. Mount Logan has Canada’s highest peak and it is popular with mountain climbers but a license is required. It’s a great place for bird watching as there are over 150 species of birds including rock ptarmigan, peregrine falcons and golden eagles.

Haines Junction is the closest town and it’s a popular jumping off point for vacation activities in the area. Take a flight tour over the immense glaciers. Go rafting on the river. The mountains are great for llama trekking and hiking. The snow provides snowmobiling and cross-country skiing.

There are a large number of trails in the park for walking and hiking. The park and surrounding area has spectacular glacier and ice field landscapes and is home to a variety of wildlife including the world’s largest population of Dall sheep.  

#4: The beautiful Laurentian Mountains are a highlight of Quebec Province. Long popular with bird watchers, the hills and lake areas are abundant with a large variety of birds. The great northern diver, better known as loons, is a particular local favorite. This is a good place for a Canada fishing vacation. Hiking, horse-riding, cycling, rafting and kayaking are also very popular summer activities.

Summertime offers the most activities but these mountain ranges make an incredibly beautiful and romantic getaway place any time of year. Even under a deep blanket of snow the Laurentians are worth a visit. The nearest town is L’Annociation and it’s a nice drive from both Montreal and Quebec.

Churchill Canada Polar Bears
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Canadian Vacation Ideas #5: The Tundra Buggy Adventure is a company operating out of Churchill, Canada that offers authentic polar bear tours. This is a fantastic way to see the Canada’s polar bears as Churchill is located along a polar bear migration route on the western shore of Hudson Bay, in northern Manitoba.

A vacation trip to Churchill for a polar bear tour is a fun and safe way to view and photograph these magnificent but dangerous animals. Late September through November is the best time to see the bears. Churchill is also a good place to see the Northern Lights during January through March. This is the only place where you can see the Aurora Borealis from the warmth and comfort of the famous Churchill Domes. These domes were built specifically for viewing the Northern Lights.

#6: Nova Scotia, Canada is a great spot for summer beach vacations. Cape Breton Island has excellent beaches at Cabots Landing Provincial Park, Mira River Provincial Park and Battery Park.

These spots are also good for camping and hiking exploring the various historical sites at these parks. Northumberland Shore has Northport Beach, with a wonderful view of Prince Edward Island and Caribou/Munroes Island Provincial Park Beach, with it's exceptionally warm waters and easy access to the Wood Islands-Caribou Ferry to Prince Edward Island. July and August is the best time enjoy the many quiet and beautiful beaches that Nova Scotia has to offer.

#7 Edmonton, has a very unique vacation destination called Fantasyland Hotel. This complex is a combination of hotel, mall and amusement park. It's a perfect family vacation idea. The hotel rooms are decorated in fun themes such as Hollywood, Polynesian, Igloo or Waterpark. There's even a Truck theme with the bed in the bed of an actual bright yellow pickup truck.

The West Edmonton Mall is a shopper's paradise with over 800 stores, restaurants and attractions. The kids will love the loads of adventure and fun at Galaxyland Amusement Park and World Waterpark. It's all part of the largest entertainment and shopping complex in the world.

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