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Canada Vacation Ideas #1: Fundy National Park is a nice vacation spot located in the Fundy Bay along the coast of New Brunswick.

Enter through the quaint village of Alma, home to lobster and scallops fisherman. The beach contains a tidal pool at low tide which is great for long quiet walks.

Along the beach is a saltwater marsh, home to a great variety of birds. The park has many hiking trails to accommodate all levels. They vary from easy to very strenuous.

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Canada Vacation Ideas #2: The 75 foot high Grand Falls, in New Brunswick, is the largest waterfall east of Niagara Falls. Stairs lead you down to the bottom of the gorge.

There are hiking trails to scenic spots. A pontoon-boat takes you on a ride through the 229 foot high Gorge. Visit the Grand Falls Museum, farmers market and marina in town.

Canada Vacation Ideas #3: The Cabot Trail has been described as "the most spectacular drive in North America". The 185 mile long road makes a giant loop around the rugged Nova Scotia peninsula, passing through breathtaking scenery and past numerous small friendly communities as well as Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

Some excellent stops along the way are 8 different museums, The Bell Bay Golf Club, The Celtic Colours music festival, Cabot's Landing Provincial Park, and The Pleasant Bay Whale Interpretive Centre.

#4: Canmore, Alberta Canada - Our favorite family vacation was a trip to Canmore, Alberta Canada, We stayed at a beautiful place called A Bear and Bison Inn. It is a beautiful newly built log Inn, with luxury accommodations and first class food. A Bear and Bison Inn is located on a mountain in beautiful and unforgettable Canmore, Alberta.

A Bear and Bison Inn
A Bear and Bison Inn

Downtown Canmore is a picturesque quaint town with the Rocky Mountains in the background as you look down the Main Street. There are an abundance of little shops such as fudge & ice cream store, a candy store, souvenir shops, there are several restaurants downtown, but we chose Murietta's Bar and Grill, a local favorite. Overall, I enjoyed this vacation because the scenery was beautiful, the food was first class, and the inn was large, accommodating, and beautiful.

There is a lot to do nearby such as skiing, the gondola in Banff, hiking, and walking by the Bow River. In summer there is rafting, float trips and tours for all ages in the Bow River. There is a year round trail that loops around the river and a rustic old bridge at the end. It's a local favorite for weddings and pictures.

This is all within a 10 minute walk of downtown. All the experiences were the best I have ever enjoyed mostly because of the scenery, the feeling and ambiance of the town of Canmore. I have been to many other places and this one is defiantly 5 star. - Melissa from Nova Scotia

Pelee Island Lighthouse, Ontario

#5: Pelee Island - If the idea of a vacation is a small island with nothing to do but sit back and relax surrounded by the tranquility of nature, then consider a trip to Canada’s Pelee Island. Located in Lake Erie, the 10,000 acres that make up Pelee Island are just a ferry ride from Leamington, Ontario or Sandusky, Ohio.

There are a few nice places to stay, like the Gathering Place B&B, the Wavecrest B&B and the Anchor and Wheel Inn. There are also a few restaurants and a small winery. But that’s about it.

On Pelee Island you can spend your day walking or bicycling around the wooded island exploring nature. Along the way you can stop in at the Pelee Lighthouse, Pelee Island Heritage Center and the Fish Point Nature Reserve. It’s the kind of place where you can truly get away from the hustle and cares your workaday life and enjoy relaxing in nature.

Canada Vacation Ideas #6: Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, in Alberta, is one of the world's oldest, largest and best preserved buffalo jump locations. This refers to the practice of aboriginal people where they drive the buffalo over a cliff as a means of killing them for food and sustenance. This particular site has been used for over 5,000 years.

A number of special events and native festivals are held each year. Tipi camping is available where you can spend the night in canvas tipis, and experience living off the land with a Blackfoot guide.

Out For Adventure Wilderness Trips provides ultimate adventure vacations. Try sea kayaking with killer whales in Johnstone Strait or an adventurous sea kayak expedition in British Columbia. Also canoe and sea kayak trips in Algonquin Park, Ontario Canada.

Canada Vacation Ideas #7: Vancouver, British Columbia, is a great Canadian vacation spot. A cosmopolitan city only 2 hours north of Seattle, Washington, Vancouver boasts a beautiful skyline, world-class restaurants, and a well-developed system of parks.

Vancouver also has great natural beauty, as it is surrounded by waterways, islands, and steep mountains. Stanley Park is a gem. A huge urban park, measuring 1,000 acres (larger than New York’s Central Park) it is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean.

It also offers opportunities for bicycling, running, tennis, and other sports. It is also home to an aquarium. The famous Lion’s Gate Bridge connects the tip of Stanley Park to North Vancouver. In close proximity to downtown Vancouver is the imposing summit of Grouse Mountain, which offers skiing just 20 minutes from downtown.

For those wishing to see concerts, B.C. Place offers opportunities to see worldwide headline performers throughout the year. Vancouver offers a cosmopolitan city in a beautiful natural setting unlike anywhere else in Canada. -By Drew from Seattle

Canada Vacation Ideas #8: Instead of heading south for spring break last year, a few friends and I decided to explore Montreal, Canada. Although it was much colder than your typical spring break locales, Montreal is an amazing city with a lot to offer casual American travelers.

We stayed in a hotel right off of Peel St, an area teeming with great restaurants, bars and interesting people. Our favorite location was the Peel Pub, which offered delicious Canadian beer and karaoke. The staff was incredibly welcoming and our waiter even put curling on the television for us, a sport we hadn't heard of prior to our trip!

Public transportation is easy in Montreal and we used the underground constantly. We visited many of the historical sites, including a beautiful church in the middle of the city. Our most fun was had at the Biodome, where you can visit all sorts of different plants and animals from around the world.

They offered a student discount at the time, which was helpful. All in all, our trip to Montreal was amazing. There are so many things to see and do. Our accommodations were clean and spacious and not particularly expensive. The people were very friendly and offered many suggestions on what we should see and do. I would go again in a heartbeat! - By Kelly from Montreal

Canada Vacation Ideas #9: Our best Canada vacation idea was last summer. My husband and I decided to try a more adventurous vacation so we decided to go canoe camping in Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada. We rented a canoe and a couple packs and brought as little as we thought we could get away with.

This included our tent, two sleeping bags (ours were kind of large, next time we will invest in smaller ones as ours took up a lot of space in our packs), a one-burner stove and fuel, snacks such as trail mix and protein bars, dehydrated food, a small saw, etc.

We had never done this before but were felt we were prepared. The first day we canoed and portaged for about 4-5 hours across a few lakes and rivers until we reached our first campsite on Burnt Island Lake. We were exhausted! We set up camp and had some dinner and discovered that the dehydrated food wasn't half bad. By the time the sun set we were more than ready to go to bed.

The second day we just spent time canoeing around the lake (it was quite large) investigating and fishing. I didn't catch anything but the hubby caught a couple small mouth bass.

It started to rain our second evening just as we were finishing up cooking supper, so we ended out spending the rest of that evening hanging out in the tent. We woke to sunny skies the third day and were thinking that this could be the best Canada vacation ideas ever. We had to pack up as we were off to another lake that day.

It was about a three-hour trip (including a one kilometer portage that we had to make two trips on to take all our gear) and except for briefly getting lost (who knew we were supposed to go OVER the beaver dam?) it was a relatively easy day.

Our site for that night was perfect! It was large and beautiful. We were facing west and really enjoyed watching the sun set that night. On our last morning we could see rain coming again so decided to hurry up and get going. Of course it started to pour while we were going which really sucked!

We were drenched, our packs were drenched and the canoe was filling up with more water than I would've preferred. Fortunately we had a pail for bailing out the water. The only good thing about the rain was when passing a small bay we came across a large bull moose feeding in the water. That was quite the experience. It was HUGE!

We finally got back to the original lake we had started from and met up with a huge wind. What should've been a one-hour trip across the lake took more like two with large waves occasionally crashing over the front of the canoe (where I was of course).

We finally made it back to shore and learned that the park officials had had to rescue five canoes that day, and we weren't one of them. That made us feel really good. We sort of felt like we needed a vacation after that vacation, but really, it was an incredible time. Despite the trials, it was still the best of Canada vacation ideas and we are going back again this summer. - By Kari from NY

Canada Vacation Ideas #10: I have seen a fair amount of the world, and have vacationed in Europe, Asia, Australia, and both North and South America. A trip that I would love to take (though it would be difficult to talk my wife into) would be up around the Hudson Bay area in Canada.

Access too much of the area is by personal car only; and even that is seasonal. A friend of mine made a trip there a few years ago, and I was struck by his descriptions of virgin wilderness, and still largely native Canadian populations.

The idea of spending a few weeks in an area where the land and the people are still cold and tough for some reason appeals to me. It's probably less leisurely than Hawaii (though just as expensive), but something about being more at the mercy of the earth draws me to take this trip. - By Jonathon from Michigan

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