Canada Train Vacation Ideas

Canada Train Vacation Ideas #1:

If you have never thought of a Train Vacation in Canada then it’s time to put your thinking cap on. Canada is a beautiful country and all of this beauty is available by train. There are many various itineraries available so here are a few of the most popular.

This Canada rail vacation idea is a combination train and helicopter trip with the primary focus on the many excellent views of the Rocky Mountains.

The train ride is the backbone of the vacation and you would start by boarding the train at Calgary. The train then heads west with the ultimate destination of Vancouver, on the Pacific Ocean.

From Calgary you stop for a good look at Lake Louise which is probably the most photographed lake in the world.

Most of the mountain lake scenes that you see on calendars are photos of Lake Louise. The next stop would be Kananaskis where you take a short helicopter tour for a view of the Rockies that you could never have imagined.

Your trip’s next stop is Banff where you enjoy an excellent view of the Bow Falls. At Banff there is another opportunity for a helicopter ride to view Whitegoat Peaks and Mount Resolute plus several glaciers.

Remember, at any of these stops there is always time for a walk to discover the splendor up close.

After all of that excitement you return to the train for a jaunt to Kamloops for a day of relaxing and being on the lookout for elks and bears and any other curious mountain resident.

Then it’s off for Vancouver on the train, keeping in mind that you have just had a week long intimate relationship with one of the most beautiful mountainous regions on the globe.

Canada Train Vacation Ideas #2:

Idea #2 in this Canada Train Vacation series involves an add-on to idea #1. After a day or two of tourist style visiting in Vancouver you would board a cruise ship and start North on the Inland Passage way. Now these ships have all the comforts of home plus a few that most people don’t have at home. We refer here to the swimming pool, sauna, top-notch meals and entertainment.

It’s smooth sailing, North on the Strait of Georgia, all the way to Juneau, the capital of Alaska, with the protection of the many islands between the ship and the Pacific Ocean. Of course, there are many interesting sights along this attractive water-way. Stopping in Juneau for any length of time offers kayaking, whale watching and hiking plus Ice-fields and Glaciers.

The next stop is Skagway, Alaska with its history of the Gold Rush days. The town's residents enjoy this historic connection and dress accordingly. With one more stop in Ketchikan, Alaska, it’s off to points South for the beautiful trip back to Vancouver and you’ve just spent another wonderful week of your vacation in God’s country.

Canada Train Vacation Ideas #3:

Now let's move to the Atlantic side and start with you boarding the train in Toronto. You are heading North-East to Quebec City which is a little like stepping into Europe without crossing the Atlantic Ocean. You will be immersed in historic buildings, cobble stone streets and old-world charm that couldn’t bought anywhere else in North America.

You will definitely need a guide who speaks English for you city tour as this is French speaking territory. Quebec has a plethora of interesting architecture in their buildings and the shops are most unique with this change of culture.

After your successful tour of Quebec City, you travel South-West to Montreal with a view of some of the Canada’s loveliest countryside plus many glimpses of the St. Laurence River. There is time for a tour of Montreal’s narrow streets, classic restaurants and the shops on St. Catherine Street.

Remember, Montreal being the business center of French Canadian Canada, you will need an English speaking guide for your tour of the famous Notre Dame Basilica. The last leg of your train vacation is the trip back to Toronto where you are free of all schedules and can tour the city without a guide.

Canada Train Vacation Ideas #4:

Another of these vacation ideas for a Canadian train vacation starts in Vancouver and heads north to Whistler. Stepping into the train you notice the top-notch condition of the train and all of the amenities that you will be using.

On a typical trip you board the train in the early AM and start your day with a delicious breakfast. The scenes of fresh green mountains with snowy tops are many but all uniquely different.

Arriving in Whistler, you find that there are many interesting places to see and do. These include great walking trails, lovely lakes and glaciers. Checking into the Four Seasons hotel you are impressed by your room, the dining area and the pool.

The next thing in you plan is to head for one of the three world class golf courses. No one can promise you a par game, but they can promise you a beautiful, scenic and relaxing round of golf. The next day in Whistler could either be more golf or sightseeing.

Then it’s back on the train for a slow uphill climb to the town of Quesnel and then on to Jasper and the scenery seems to get better and better. In both Quesnel and Jasper there’s time for more golf or more classic sightseeing. Then it’s on to Banff and Calgary where the tour ends. We must add that every moment of this ten day vacation is a joy as you take in all the royal beauty of Canadian Rocky Mountains.

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