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California Vacation Ideas #1: Eagle Lake - My favorite place to vacation is Eagle Lake in Lassen County California. The lake is just a nice lake in general and has some very nice campgrounds.

The lake is not very secluded and does have a few small towns around it. That is part of the reason I like going. It seems like you’re going back in time when you go there.

The town of Spalding is on the lake, it is a small town that seems like it is still living in the 1950's. It is a unique experience and I would recommend it to anybody. Another cool thing about the lake is that it holds the world famous Eagle Lake Trout.

These fish are a breed of their own and don't live anywhere else other than Eagle Lake. They grow to be very big and it is a blast to catch one of them.

Eagle Lake is a very good place to go if you want to get away from all the rushing around in normal life. It is a nice place to get some relaxation and it feels like life is so simple when you are there.

The lake has full accommodations for RV's and for the average person who wants to camp in a tent.

It has a full marina with a general store that can fill all your needs. It has a fish hatchery where you can go see fish which I have learned is a great experience for kids.

If you want to have a nice "get away" Eagle Lake is a great California travel destination. I would give it a try, you won’t be let down. - Kyle from California

La Jollo Shores Pier
La Jollo Shores Pier
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California Vacation Ideas #2: San Diego - I have not traveled much, but one place I have visited multiple times is California. While visiting San Diego I went to ComicCon, along with visiting the San Diego Zoo, and Balboa Park.

  • The San Diego Zoo is world famous and was definitely the best zoo I've ever been to.
  • Balboa Park was very nice, it had a lot of different museums and things to check out, and the whole area was absolutely beautiful. The weather was very nice in the summer, it wasn't hot at all, and in fact it was almost cool enough for me to get cold on an occasion or two (I'm used to super hot FL weather, though). We also visited a pier where we found an ocean side wooden roller-coaster, which was really neat, and visited a nature preservation where we got hike up cliffs on the coast, providing a great view.
  • While visiting San Diego we also drove up to Six Flags Magic Mountain. It was a bit of a drive but it wasn't too bad and it was really fun.
  • Another California travel destination that I have visited is San Francisco. While visiting there I went on a hop-on hop-off bus, which drove around the city while a tour guide told us all about the surroundings. I personally got off of the bus and visited Pier 39, the Golden Gate Bridge and Golden Gate Park. (Along with the Japanese tea garden there, which is lovely. There were other museums there that were definitely interesting to me, but I didn't have time.)
  • Another cool spot was Union Square. In Union Square my boyfriend took me to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory on the top floor of Macy's, where we ate outside and had a gorgeous view with delicious food as the sun set. When it got dark all of the city's lights were very pretty.
  • Along with these places in California, I have also visited Lake Tahoe, which is gorgeous. Admittedly the water was pretty cold, but after getting used to it, it was just so much fun. We found an area with rocks to jump off of into the water and spent hours just swimming. We also rode a ski lift up to the top of a mountain where you could see everything, it was a great view.

We also went river rafting on one of our days there, which was also quite fun. In my opinion California has a lot of different places that are very good to visit for yous vacations. - Adelle from Florida

California Vacation Ideas #3: San Diego - You would never think it, but Texas can get awfully cold at times. Combined with the constant downpour and thunder storms that seem to never end, Houston was never my favorite place in the winter. One year, during a month long winter break from college, I decided to leave my hometown for sunny San Diego. I scooped up by beau and bag full of clothes and toiletries and started driving my old Honda West.

It took my boyfriend and me a day and a half to get there. Upon arriving, we knew it was worth the stiff joints from sleeping in the car. The day we arrived, the temperature was 71 degrees with a slight breeze. We were going to like this city!

Our first course of action consisted of settling in to the Marriott in Mission Valley, about ten minutes from downtown San Diego. The hotel was breathtaking, almost twenty stories high with a fifty yard pool complete with a waterfall. We asked the concierges for the best things to do in San Diego.  

We followed the list he gave us religiously. Our time in San Diego consisted of many beach days. We bought boogie boards off a local shop on Pacific Beach. There we enjoyed many hours being taken under by the massive and abundant waves.

On days when we craved beauty and peace, we went to Coronado Bay. There the water was as blue as her city's sky and reflected on the clean hot sand. The calm family environment of Coronado was different from the popular, party scene of Pacific Beach. Beyond the sand and surf, we also found the dining extraordinary.  

I remember my boyfriend telling me, "We could live here our entire lives and go to a different place for lunch every day." The variety was paralleled by the quality of the food and service. If we wanted to get dressed up and enjoy the big city life, my boyfriend and I went to the Gaslamp district for dinner.

There we could find nice, but still reasonably priced, in the heart of San Diego. Afterwards we visited Ghirardelli Chocolate for dessert. Some nights I would put on heels and we would go dancing or to a high end bar in the Gaslamp. Just ten minutes away is Little Italy.  

I have never tasted better pizza than the original recipes of Little Italy's eateries. I can say the same about the Mexican food in Old Town, and the Margarita's. After a dinner in Old Town, we visited the plethora of antique shops the town is famous for. In the month we spent in San Diego, the temperature never dropped below fifty five degrees. When we returned to the cold and hail common of a January in Houston, we did so with regret.

One month was not nearly enough time to experience all of San Diego. Every block was famous for a different taste, drink, lifestyle, activity, architecture and an endless variety of other entertainments. Since that trip, I have been waiting to travel back. My time spent in San Diego, was some of the best times of my life. San Diego is the best California travel destination. - Kassidy from Houston  

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