California Tourist Attractions

California Tourist Attractions #1: La Brea Tar Pits - There are a million things to do on vacation in Los Angeles. A top tourist attraction is the La Brea Tar Pits with its prehistoric bubbling ooze and exhibits, models, films and holograms.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is a huge big-city museum with exhibits that will interest kids and adults alike. The Los Angeles Zoo has animals, top-notch demonstrations and shows, a children’s zoo area, a baby-animal nursery and other family entertainment.

At Travel Town, in Griffith Park, you can satisfy your inner train-lover. Climb aboard and explore old train engines and cabooses. Ride through the park on a miniature train.

#2: Anaheim, California - The best vacation I have ever experienced was in Anaheim, California. Sounds typical and cliché, but it was truly the greatest time away one could ask for.

A group of friends and I stayed at the beautiful Holiday Inn Express in Garden Grove (just minutes away from Anaheim), and we had the best service we could ask for.

A complimentary continental breakfast was served daily, which is fantastic because when you travel, any time you can get a meal in for free is bonus! Deciding on staying in the vicinity of Anaheim was a great decision because there is transportation available for all major destinations and tourist hotspots.

We spent a lot of time travelling throughout Southern California and experienced many of the famous destinations known on global scales such as: Disneyland, Universal Studios, San Diego Zoo, Hollywood, Lego Land, and who can forget the amazing deals we found shopping in the outlet malls!

It was as if every dream we had from infancy to adulthood was fulfilled. My friends and I were also stunned at how friendly the citizens of Anaheim were.

We were often stopped by strangers to have brief conversations, which is not something we experience to that degree at home.

The majority of our time was spent having a great time, discovering great boutiques and Shisha cafes along Brookhurst, and just enjoying time away from home.

We made the most of the two weeks that we had and never had a dull day. I loved travelling as a group of 7, and there was always something to accommodate each individual’s needs. I can truly say this was probably the best time I have had in my life! - Kathy from Calgary Canada

California Tourist Attractions #3: Knott’s Berry Farm - I would have to say that my most favorite experience while vacationing was at Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park CA. I stayed at the Knott’s Berry Farm Resort Hotel so I would be very close to the action since I don’t like to drive very far if I don’t have to. While there I rode some of the craziest roller coasters you could ever hope to go on. I personally enjoyed the Ghost Rider ride and the Calico Mine Ride since they were the most thrilling to me.

There is nothing that I enjoy more than theme parks that have thrill rides as long as there not to big but not too small. This way during my stay I would have the chance to try everything out during the week. For me there is nothing like a theme park and Knott’s Berry Farm delivers. - Teresa from Florida

California Palm Trees
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#4: San Diego - When I was about 12 years old I went on the best vacation ever. That is not an exaggeration. My family and I flew out from a Minneapolis airport and headed to California. It was my first time on a plane so that alone was incredibly exciting for me. When we did arrive in San Diego it was a beautiful day. Palm trees were all over the place and the sun was shining.

We checked into a Best Western hotel and then headed down to the ocean. I was rather scared of the ocean after having seen Jaws when I was 11. Still though, collecting shells and going into the water just a little bit was fun.

Day 2 of the trip involved going to the fantastic San Diego zoo. Animals of all shapes and sizes greeted us. Another highlight of the trip was when we walked through the streets of San Diego. It really is a beautiful city and one of my favorite vacation ideas. - Shelly, MN  

California Tourist Attractions #5: Santa Barbara, California is a popular vacation spot for its perfect mix of incredible weather, glorious beaches and impeccably clean and maintained atmosphere. The outdoor attractions in Santa Barbara make it one of the best vacation ideas around.

A wonderful beach here is the One Thousand Steps Beach, so named for the very long staircase that you travel from Santa Cruz Boulevard down to the beach. A fun tourist attraction is the Santa Barbara Trolley Tour which takes you around town to all the sights.

The Santa Barbara Zoological Gardens is a former private estate which now houses a reptile house, lions, giraffes, elephants and other animals. This is a small venue that is perfect for kids. For jewelry and crafts, visit the nearby small town of Ojai which has evolved into a haven for painters and artists.

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