Budget Disney Vacation Ideas

by Becky
(New Brunswick, NJ )

The key to staying within budget on a Disney vacation is planning. A great deal of money will be spent on food and souvenirs. I informed my children in advance how much they would have for souvenirs.

We designated our third day at the park as souvenir day. The kids were able to look around and know what they really wanted before making a purchase. In addition, we made sure that we selected a package that included some of our meals.

By having some meals and snacks provided for, we saved a great deal of money. The children knew when and where they would have lunch and their snack. We splurged on two days of the trip on ice cream.

Our final money saving tip was that we brought food with us. We made sure that we had snacks like juice boxes and small snacks for the kids that they could have at night if they got hungry. These snacks prevented us from having to order room service.

By Sally from California - Being from San Diego, California made a Disney vacation a lot easier than it would have been for someone farther away or out of State. I invited multiple friends to come with me so expenses would be split equally and it would be much cheaper.

My budget did not consist of a lot of money so I tried to pack small food packages with me so spending money on fast food restaurants was easier to avoid. Once we got to our destination the money spending was a bigger temptation but I had put aside what I was going to allow myself to spend on “junk” items.

Obviously 20 dollars wasn’t going to cut it so I made sure I gave myself 60 dollars spending money but every time I thought about buying something I asked myself if it was something my younger brother needed or something I needed. This thought process made it a lot easier to save money and actually end up having a lot of leftover money by the end of the trip.

By Laura from New Jersey - I found that the easiest way to save money in Disney is to buy a package that includes transportation from the airport to your hotel and transportation to the Disney parks. Renting a car and buying gas adds up. You have to be careful if you choose this option and want to go to other places such as Universal Studios or the grocery store.

If you drive down or find a cheap car, making your own meals is probably the best option as the park food is very expensive. Did you know that those people in the park who search your bags for "weapons" are really looking for food?

If you leave packed lunches in the car and are willing to leave the park and picnic, you can save a lot of money. Make sure you keep your tickets and don't drive away or you will have to repay the parking fee.

Plan your trip towards the back of the park and work on one side of the park so that by lunchtime, you will be near the entrance and will not have to walk really far to get food.

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