British Columbia Vacation Ideas

British Columbia Vacation Ideas #1:

Stewart is a small town that sits amidst the incredible glaciers and mountain peaks along the Canadian and Alaskan border. This is one of the many vacation spots in Canada that are perfect for outdoor activities and beautiful scenery.

In fact, the 38 mile drive to Stewart from Cassiar Highway makes the trip worthwhile. Wildlife viewing is a top summertime activity such as bears, salmon, moose, eagles, mountain goats and even orca whales.

The surrounding mountains and nearby wilderness parks, Mount Edziza and Spatsizi Plateau, provide excellent ground for a Canada hiking tour.

Stewart is also the place where you can charter a helicopter to get a look at the active volcano, Hoodoo Mountain. Stewart has a self-guided heritage walk, sightseeing charters, heli-tours as well as canoeing and other fun outdoor activities.

British Columbia Vacation Idea #2:

The Cariboo Chilcotin Coast, in central British Columbia, is an unusual Canadian vacation spot because this is grizzly bear country. Visitors come here for grizzly bear watching.

You can fly or drive from Vancouver to the local towns of Prince George and Quesnel. Set up a base there and then head out to watch the grizzlies fish for salmon.

Or you can enjoy some great hiking, canoeing or white water rafting. There are plenty of secluded fishing spots. The Chilcotin River and the Fraser River cut through providing a good place for a Canada fishing vacation.

British Columbia Vacation Ideas #3:

One of the best places in the world to see Orca whales is off the coast of British Columbia, Canada. They travel up the coast between Puget Sound and Vancouver Island. Travel to Vancouver, Victoria or Tofino and then head out from shore by boat for a look at the killer whales.

There are plenty of boat tours available or, if you are more adventurous, you can go out in a canoe or kayak. It is also common to be able to spot them right from shore. This is one of the few places where it is almost a certainty to see whales every day. In fact companies like Northern Lights expeditions guarantee sightings on their kayaking tours.

British Columbia Vacation Idea #4:

Contributed by Dr. Raymond Shred, PhD who lives "in lovely Nanaimo, BC". Come visit the wonderful city of Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, British Columbia for the funky urbanity in a breathtaking place of natural beauty. You can Alpine Ski, Water Ski, Golf, Kayak, Scuba-Dive, Sail, Swim, Walk, Run, or Cycle, often on the same day. Scuba diving and kayaking, in particular, are world class.

You can dine out and sample some original West Coast delights or sample local wines. If you come in the summer, there is the Great International Bathtub Race. In August, there is a local blues festival. We have exciting local theatre and music. You can walk on the harbor-front walkway.

Whatever you want to do, it’s available in Nanaimo and we’re friendly. Nanaimo is perfect for your family vacation in Canada. Plus, we have Nanaimo Bars, a to-die-for chocolate treat.

British Columbia Vacation Idea #5:

A good camping Canada vacation spot is Wood Buffalo National Park. It’s a bit remote as there are 36 campsites but only one is accessible by road. The park is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site and it contains the largest free-roaming bison herd in North America.

It is also the nesting grounds of the whooping crane which is on the list of critically endangered species. Besides the bison and whooping cranes, there are over 47 species of mammals and 227 species of birds that make their home here. This makes the Wood Buffalo National Park a good Canada vacation idea for wildlife viewing and bird watching.

British Columbia Vacation Idea #6:

Yoho National Park is a breathtaking section of the Rocky Mountains that is full of glacial lakes, waterfalls, wild rivers and dense forests. This Canada spot vacation is in southeast British Columbia and has 28 snow-covered mountain peaks that are over 9,000 feet high. What a great outdoor vacation spot!

Yoho National Park is one of only three known sites of Cambrian fossils. A cool addition to your trip is a guided hiking tour to the fossil beds. Popular sites are the natural rock bridge over the Kicking Horse River, the Takakkaw Falls and the Kicking Horse Pass National Historic Site. There are campsites for both vehicles and tents, so this is makes a trip to beautiful Yoho National Park an inexpensive Canada vacation idea.

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