Best Vacations For Families

Best Vacations For Families #1:

Take the kids to a preserved 1860s era Gold Rush boom-town. Virginia City, Montana was a rough Old West town attracting villains and thieves as well as those just looking to get rich. The town grew when the area was flooded by prospectors panning for gold in the rivers and streams.

They found a lot of it, around $30 million worth of gold. Eventually the gold ran out and the town would have died. But decades were spent restoring Virginia City to how it was in its infamous heyday.

Today Virginia City is a National Historic Landmark with more than 100 authentic historic buildings that are open to the public. It's a fun way to take a step into the past. Ride around town in a stagecoach. Watch a reenactment of a street gunfight. Try panning for gold, maybe you too will strike it rich.

Best Vacations For Families #2:

By Diane, New York - My favorite vacation ideas activity is enjoying theme parks with my children. I like visiting theme parks because at a good theme park there is something of fun or interest for each member of my family.

My favorite place to go to theme parks is in the Hershey area of Pennsylvania. Hershey Park is my ultimate favorite. Hershey is very family friendly and has rides and attractions for everyone from babies to adults.

The park is extremely clean and the employees are very friendly. One of the things that I like best about Hershey is that the ride attendants at the rides for the youngest visitors are motherly/grandmotherly type ladies and not teenagers.

This, to me, helps to make the young visitors to Hershey Park very comfortable. I also like that fact that near many of the rides you will find hand sanitizing machines to help keep down the spread of germs. We also like to visit Dutch Wonderland when visiting this area of Pennsylvania.

Dutch Wonderland is a theme park that is better suited for families with younger children as there is not much for the older ones to do. I love spending this time with my family and everyone usually comes away from a theme park happy and in need of a good night's sleep.

Best Vacations For Families #3:

By Craig from Aspen - Our favorite vacation activity by far is mini-golf. Particularly on the East Coast and in the Midwest you can find some courses that are not only fantastic but tell a lot about the local community.

Because course creation requires some creativity at least one or two holes always seem to tell something about the place you are visiting. It is an active event that every member of our family can participate in and enjoy.

Our family is also a little competitive which only adds to the fun as we try to one up each other on the course. By far the best city for mini-golf is Orlando, Florida. Both inside and outside of Disney World the courses are fantastic. The Fantasia course inside Disney World and the Pirate’s Cove on International Drive are not to be missed. Both are creative and challenging as well as well themed.

Best Vacations For Families #4:

Child Strolling on Siesta Key Beach
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Looking for family vacation ideas? Try Siesta Key located on Florida’s beautiful Gulf Coast. Here you will find an eight-mile long island with one of the top rated family beaches in the United States. Siesta Key offers a wonderful playground for both kids and parents. The beach consists of smooth white sand. The water is calm, shallow and clean.

It’s perfect place for the family to relax and unwind. You can rent a boat and do some fishing. Rent a kayak for a tour of Jim Neville Marine Preserve, home to manatees and lots of birds. Bikes and jet skis are other fun rental activities the family can enjoy.

A spot to check out on Siesta Key that the kids will be sure to like is Mote Marine Aquarium with touch pools and lots of sea creature to see. G. Wiz Science Museum has fun interactive exhibits. See reptile and bird shows at the Sarasota Jungle Gardens.

Best Vacations For Families #5:

Here are a few vacation ideas for things to do with the kids in Los Angeles. The piers off Redondo Beach and Malibu Beach have tackle shops where you can buy bait, rent rods and everyone can have fun fishing off the pier. Or get a half-day boat charter for a little deep sea fishing.

For hiking with children head to Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead, Solstice Canyon or Eaton Canyon. These spots have easier level hiking trails that are great for kids. At the Los Angeles Equestrian Center you can rent gentle kid-friendly horses for horseback riding in the many park trails in the area.

Whale watching trips are always a hit with kids. Two places to find a whale watching expedition are Redondo Beach and San Pedro Harbor. If the children are into either bicycling or in-line skating, you will find a 20-mile long smooth, paved and level bike path stretching from Santa Monica Beach all the way to Redondo Beach.

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