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Best Vacation Places #1:

By Alicia, Washington - One of my favorite vacation ideas is San Diego, California. They have many different attractions that appeal to a wide variety of people.

My two favorite places to visit there are the San Diego Zoo and Coronado Beach. The zoo has every type of animal you can think of and a beautiful aquarium. The beach has pure clear water and warm sand.

This is one of the cleanest family beaches I have ever been to. There is even a hotel you can stay at that is right on the beach.

It’s a bit pricey but totally worth it for the view and sounds of the ocean. They also have many little shops that you have to check out for souvenirs. Overall this is one of the best places to visit for a relaxing fun time for the whole family.

Best Vacation Places #2:

By Stu from Reading, PA - Many of you will find your way to Florida on one of your vacations. It would be a smart move to include Fort Myers in your travel plans. After all, it's one of the best vacation places in Florida.

When I think of this lovely town I think of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford because they each had winter homes built there overlooking the water.

Ford’s home is called "The Mangoes" and Edison’s is named "Seminole Lodge". Both homes are available for tours and the Edison place includes his laboratory exactly as he used it. Old and young inventors will find this a treasure.

Just these two are worth the trip but there’s more. Baseball fans would find it wise to time their vacation to early spring to catch the Minnesota Twins and the Boston Red Sox in spring training. As one would expect, you’ll find the area full of excellent resort hotels, restaurants, boating and my favorite, swimming. Remember, this is the Gulf side of Florida where the water temperature is perfect.

Best Vacation Places #3:

Downtown Charleston
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By Ben from Greensboro - I recently went on a trip to Charleston, South Carolina, and it was fantastic! My family and I stayed at the Hampton Inn in downtown Charleston. The hotel was great, the free breakfast was delicious and the location couldn’t have been any better! It was right within walking distance of a bunch of restaurants and the gorgeous campus of the College of Charleston.

Outside of the downtown activities there are still tons of things to do around Charleston. My dad and I played golf at Patriots Point Links, a golf course with a gorgeous location that looks out over Charleston harbor.

If you’re looking for historical vacation ideas, there’s plenty of that in Charleston too! From Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie to the Naval Museum, there is plenty to do for history buffs. And even though my family was there too early in the year to enjoy them, there are plenty of really nice beaches less than ten minutes away from downtown that can be enjoyed in the summer months. All these things combine to make Charleston one of the best vacation ideas in the country!

Best Vacation Places #4:

By Grant from Pennsylvania - Prior to retirement, my business took me to Clearwater, Florida several times. Fortunately for me the client was kind enough to put me in a lovely hotel on Clearwater Beach Island. This barrier island is a narrow strip of land, about 25 miles long, running North & South and connected to the mainland by a causeway.

For a great vacation of beautiful swimming in the Gulf waters with plenty of sun and relaxation you couldn’t do better. I enjoyed the beach volleyball, the chartered fishing and sail boating and the long walks along the white sandy shore of the island. I happen to like dinner cruises so I participated in this adventure during every business trip to Clearwater. (Gosh, I hope the dinner cruise is still operating.) Now don’t get me wrong the heart of the beach is a busy, eventful spot with many great hotels, restaurants and interesting shops but the hotel on the beach and the walks where my cup of tea.

Oh yes, the water temperature is just perfect for hanging around in the water all day and perfect for a quick refreshing dip. I just remembered the time I rented a small sailboat and had a great time racing the dolphins out in the Gulf. As with most central Florida cities there is a Major League Baseball Team that uses Clearwater for their spring training. I believe it’s the Philadelphia Phillies.

I’ve heard that Clearwater has several annual events, a Festival in May, Fireworks on July 4th, a Jazz Holiday in October and a Hispanic Heritage Festival in October. Also, Clearwater hosts the Iron-man World Championship in November. So anyone looking for beach vacations, Clearwater is a good vacation idea.

Best Vacation Places #5:

By Lisa, Boston - I love to go snorkeling when I escape to the Caribbean! My favorite place to go snorkeling is Caye Caulker, Belize. Caye Caulker is an island about 45 minutes from Belize City by boat. There is a Barrier Reef less than one mile away from the island. Snorkeling there is awesome because inside the reef, the water is very shallow and the reef is right under your feet.

The colors are so beautiful and bright, it is also some of the clearest waters I have ever seen. It's like peering into a giant fishbowl! The Belize Barrier Reef is definitely Belize's top tourist destination. I would recommend snorkeling to anyone because it's easy to do, if you can float you can go snorkeling! Just remember to put on plenty of sunblock because the Caribbean sun is very hot.

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