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Best Vacation Ideas #1: Check out ROW Adventures for this adventurous vacation - rafting the Salmon or Snake Rivers in Oregon, Washington and Idaho. These are the best vacations for active families that want a healthy dose of excitement there's nothing better than a rafting trip! Groups of 12-23 can have their own private Idaho, rafting for three to six days on the idyllic Snake River or Salmon River.

Being immersed in nature, sharing the fun of running rapids together, playing on big sand beaches or beneath towering pines are all the elements you need for the perfect reunion.

Singing around the campfire, sleeping under the stars and waking up to the gentle song of the river are all highlights on a trip where everyone can go at their own pace and have their own discoveries.

Rafters as young as five are welcome depending on the river and time of year. River rafting is one of the top vacations to take in the northwest. - By Peter from Idaho

#2: Hershey, Pa - One of my favorite trips to take was when my family and I went to Hershey, Pennsylvania.

We were driving all the way up to New York and Hershey was actually just a stop we made on our way up there but we had so much fun we ended up staying for three days instead of the one day that we were planning on.

We stayed at the Comfort Suites just off the interstate and began by having a tour of the Chocolate Factory, my grandfather who is 81, my grandmother who is 79, my mom, dad, 2 cousins and my girlfriend all had so much fun.

The factory tour was fun. I must say I was also very happy to see how friendly and accommodating the staff was since my father and one of my younger cousins are deaf. Also they let us have a wheelchair since my grandfather couldn't easily walk around to see the factory.

Going through was extremely interesting and you could definitely tell that everyone from ages 9 to 81 was having a great time. After the factory my girlfriend, my two younger cousins (aged 9 and 10) and myself all went to Hershey Park and I have to say that it was the best part of the trip.

We started off with a wooden roller coaster and then went to the loopty-loop which was both of my cousin's first time going on an upside down roller coaster.

When you buy a ticket to the park it also comes with free admission to an adjoined zoo which is where we went around lunchtime. Then we took my cousins to the water park where there is just so much to do! We finished the night by riding the wildcat over and over again since there were no lines.

The next day we went with my parents and Grandparents to see the Amish countryside and went to learn how to make butter and we saw numerous authentic crafts. On our third day we went back to the park and again had a blast I can't express how much fun it was to be with my entire family in a vacation place that was so much fun and so welcoming! - By Manny from Georgia

Best Vacation Ideas #3: My all-time favorite places to go is Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I love the Ripley Aquarium, Myrtle Beach. This is such a fun place to spend time when I'm not on the beach. My favorite part of Ripley Aquarium is the rainforest exhibit. When I go in there it feels as if I'm transported to a tropical island. It's like an instant tropical vacation.

But my favorite vacation activities are spending an afternoon at the beach swimming and relaxing and exploring. The reason Myrtle Beach is my favorite vacation spot is because you can spend the day relaxing on the beach and strolling through Ripley Aquarium. Everything you could possibly need is right there.

No need to worry about driving to your destination. If you rent a hotel room in the "Strip" area everything is in walking distance. After you've spent the day at the beach you have your choice of many activities to fill your evening. From restaurants, to museums, to concert venues, to amusement parks. But the best part of vacationing at Myrtle Beach is the beautiful beaches. - By Dee from Ohio

Albany Lake, Oregon
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Best Vacation Ideas #4: When you are considering vacation spots in Oregon, I would love to have you step back in time and visit my town, Albany, Oregon. It could be one of your best vacations ever.If you can picture yourself visiting a Norman Rockwell painting, you will enjoy your stay in Albany. You can walk down the city streets and see the refurbished old store fronts, shop in the wonderful little boutiques and antique shops, and dine on terrific foods.

After your meal you will want to walk to Monteith Park on the banks of the Willamette and Calapoolia rivers, just a block away from downtown, providing shade trees, picnic tables and a view of the rivers. In the summer months you will find concerts in this park on Monday and Thursday evenings, so bring a blanket or your favorite lawn chair, relax and enjoy! You can pack your own picnic basket or enjoy the enticing selections from the local vendor booths. Bring a bottle of wine from one of the Willamette Valley’s many award winning local wineries and make it even better.

While you are visiting, you will not want to miss the carousel project and Dentzel American Carousel Museum. With the donation of a 100 year old carousel mechanism brought to Albany from California, a group of local people got together and are in the process of carving and building a beautiful carousel. People who have never carved or painted before, are now producing true works of art that will eventually populate the carousel.

Drop by and I guarantee a smiling volunteer will be sure to greet you and will be more than happy to explain the process of taking detailed drawings through the rough stages, to the customized and detailed carving; to the layers of paint that end with a visit to the automotive shop for a finish that shines just like a new car.

Although the finished project is a couple of years away, it is still a visit you won’t want to miss. Before you leave our little town make sure you visit the historical homes in the area. You can get a detailed map and description of the homes from the Albany Visitors Association. The map shows you how you can walk, drive or bicycle by the homes.

You won’t want to miss the first frame built home in Albany, the Monteith House, or the "Owl House". There are 88 homes and buildings on this tour, and over 700 historical homes and buildings in the four National Historic Districts.

You might want to top off your stay with a few nights at a local bed and breakfast. A large old Victorian home called the "Train House Inn" or a cozy bungalow called the "Pfeiffer Cottage Inn." In my opinion, Albany is one of the best vacations spots in Oregon. I will be looking for you to visit soon! - By Jimmie L. Lucht from Albany, Oregon

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