Best US Vacation Spots

Best US Vacation Spots #1:

By Daryl from Nevada - Choosing a Lake Tahoe, Nevada vacation resort is all about finding the right fit with your interests and the season. During the winter, Lake Tahoe is all about skiing.

If your family loves to ski, they are going to want to choose a resort that specializes in skiing accommodations. Most of the ski areas are at the northern end of the lake, including the largest, Heavenly Mountain.

There are also some smaller ski resorts at the southern tip of Lake Tahoe, which include a wide variety of terrain.

Kirkwood Mountain Resort is a ski area that gets the most snow of any area in Tahoe and has some areas of wonderful powder for the serious skier. During the off-season, the lifts are often used for other recreational activities.

For families, they may wish to consider the large resorts which change into full-summer season mode, offering rentals on mountain bikes, boats, and water skis.

Balancing the interests of your family with the amenities provided during a particular season will ensure that the right choice of Lake Tahoe vacation resorts is made.

Best US Vacation Spots #2:

By Phil from PA - New Orleans must be one of the most exciting towns I have ever been too. It’s my favorite Louisiana vacation spot. I go once a year and always stay in the French Quarter. When I was younger, I would go to the local bars and restaurant with my friends and enjoy the nightlife.

Yet as I have become older, I have found other areas to enjoy in New Orleans. I truly love walking around and looking at the architecture of the French Quarter. I have also found that the Jazz has gotten better over the years.

There is the local casino if you want to gamble as well. Even sitting by the river and watching the boats go by after a day of shopping at all the stores has never become boring to me.

If I could live somewhere, it would be the French Quarter. Since that is probably not going to happen any time soon. I will have to content myself occasional visits to my favorite Louisiana vacation spot – New Orleans!

Best US Vacation Spots #3:

By Julia from Iowa - It's not a spot for casual vacationing, probably, since it's so unpopulated, but as far as natural beauty goes, I really like northern Montana for a vacation idea, specifically, the Missouri Breaks. There are acres and acres of scrubland that just open up into this spectacular badlands.

The rock formations are really breathtaking, especially around sunset and sunrise when they are illuminated in color, and they provide a great challenge for climbers.

I usually go out for a week at a time to camp (although you should plan ahead, since it is a protected area and they like you to have permits to camp there) and spend the time enjoying the wilderness.

It's astonishing, really, to get out there and see no one for days at a time, especially since most of us are used to development and civilization. It's nice to be reminded of the natural beauty that this continent holds.

Best US Vacation Spots #4:

Hiking the Grand Canyon
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By Lisa from Los Angeles - My favorite vacation activity is hiking. I enjoy hiking so much because not only is it excellent form of exercise, but if you choose the right location; you can see so many aspects of nature. I prefer terrains that are not too steep, but not too easy either.

The best hike of my life was in Arizona, at none other than the Grand Canyon. I actually cried when I made it to the bottom, looking up at the sky and mountains above me.

The Grand Canyon has to be one of the most beautiful gifts of nature and one of the best vacation ideas ever. The mountains are a golden brown, and appear to be endless.

Hiking is always a great activity for me, but it must be done in proper weather conditions, not too hot, not too cold, and plenty of water and fruit should be in your backpack. For me, hiking the Grand Canyon gives me a chance to clear my mind, enjoy the fresh air, and relax, which is a vacation from this crazy world in itself.

Best US Vacation Spots #5:

By Jason from Mobile, AL - As natives of the Gulf Coast area, our family loves to vacation in beautiful Dauphin Island, Alabama. Dauphin Island is located at the southern end of Mobile County, and is much less crowded than its counterpart Gulf Shores, AL which is located at the southern end of Baldwin County. Dauphin Island is a natural setting with beautiful beaches and access to the historic Mobile Bay.

There is an auto ferry that runs between Dauphin Island and Gulf Shores across the bay. Dauphin Island is also home to the Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo which is held every July. While there are several condominium offerings, the natural setting really lends itself to camping outdoors.

However, there is only one campground on the east end of the island and it books up early every year, so be sure to call ahead. The island has experienced some significant changes to its coastline due to the large number of hurricanes in the last five years.

The reconfiguration has created some awesome fishing opportunities. As always, great seafood can be had at the local restaurants. You can't go wrong visiting Dauphin Island.

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