Best Tropical Vacation Spots

Best Tropical Vacation Spots #1:

By Marcia from California - Bermuda is by far my favorite tropical vacation ideas. I fell in love with Bermuda before the plane landed; when I looked down to see the beautiful little island surrounded by clear, brilliant blue water and pink coral reefs.

I had heard that there was pink sand in Bermuda, but I didn't believe it until I saw it! The ocean was warmer than a heated pool, and brilliant tropical fish swam around my ankles as I waded out.

My husband and I rented scooters and buzzed all over the island. The scenery was exploding with brilliant tropical flowers growing wild and the pastel-colored houses were charming.

We explored the spectacular caverns and I was stunned to discover Prospero’s Cave. We descended a narrow staircase into the cave and saw fish swimming in the underground lake, but that wasn’t the most amazing part.

That day, there was a full bar set up, a live band playing and tiny wrought iron tables with chairs where we sat and had a drink while stalactites dripped on our heads.

We climbed to the steeple of the Bermuda Cathedral and got some amazing photos, and then we climbed to the top of the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse (whew!).

What a view! We explored Fort St. Catherine, too. Fascinating! I’m not much of a shopper, but I couldn’t resist a classic pale yellow Shetland wool sweater from the English Sports Shop, and my husband got an amazing Icelandic wool cardigan, knitted in an array of colors—all natural, not dyed!

The prices were less than we would have paid in the States, and no sales tax. We ate at the Hog Penny Pub. Classic! The Bermuda Onion soup was to die for and my husband loved the warm crab dip. Good prices! There’s more to tell, but the best thing to do is go see for yourself. You’ll love it. I vote Bermuda as the best tropical vacation spots.

Best Tropical Vacation Spots #2:

By Paul from Florida - The best vacation idea that I have ever had was to Punta Cana which is a beach area in the Dominican Republic. I was first amazed when we arrived at the airport, it had a large thatched roof like, I had never seen anything like that and it really set the tone for my tropical vacation.

I believe the resort at which we stayed was in the Barcelo family of resorts. The hotel was a nice and provided all the amenities that we require including 2 cribs for my children. The thing that makes Punta Cana very special is the beach.

It has the most beautiful beaches I have ever been to. The water you will find at the beach in Punta Cana is a gorgeous blue green color and feels to be about 80 degrees.

Even more impressive was the fact that we could walkout as far into the ocean as we wanted, we did not go more than a quarter of a mile be we saw others going much further, and the water was not above our necks. Ii is a very special beach, almost like a giant tropical bathtub. This is truly a great vacation idea.

Best Tropical Vacation Spots #3:

San Juan, Puerto Rico
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By Ashley from California - I absolutely loved vacationing in tropical San Juan, Puerto Rico. The night life is perfect for young people looking to go out and have a great time with friends! There are a number of small bars and a few clubs in Old San Juan.

While visiting we stayed at a lovely boutique hotel called the Casablanca, which is within walking distance of many bars. You can find Senor Frogs which is great for music/drinks, but kind of pricey. There is also Latin Roots, which is a great little place for those who want to dance to Latin music and drink.

There is an Italian Restaurant called Al Dente which offers a great selection of delicious Italian food. If you're looking for a bigger club scene, El Condado, also located in San Juan, offers several great clubs.

In addition to the wonderful nightlife, San Juan has good beaches. There are many places even outside of San Juan in Puerto Rico that are worth the trip there. El Yunque, Puerto Rico's rain forest is a dream for those who love hiking and beautiful, natural scenery and is located less than an hour away from San Juan. Vieques and Culebra, are two of Puerto Rico's islands, accessible by ferry.

In Culebra, visit Playa Flamenco, rated one of the top ten beaches in the world. In Vieques, go around the island by car and see the beautiful wild horses! If you're looking for great food, great partying, and a nice place to have fun in the sun, Puerto Rico is perfect.

Best Tropical Vacation Spots #4:

By Tom from New Jersey - The absolute best tropical vacation spot is St. John. It is one of the 3 U.S Virgin Islands. There are plenty of activities for all ages. The top activity of the Virgin Islands is snorkeling.

You don’t know what you are missing if you don’t see the great fish, coral and other great marine life. The ocean is so calm and looks like a sheet of glass. You have to be crazy to say that St. John is not relaxing.

There are plenty of great restaurants to grab a bite to eat. If you get bored, you can always journey over to St. Thomas for a change of scenery. At some times of the year, you can see tons of small to large turtles. That is a great site.

St. John is an amazing place to get some great sun that you can’t get anywhere else. You can stay at one of the many amazing hotels/resorts, or take a wonderful cruise that stops at the islands. I am sure that any type of person would enjoy a vacation to St. John!

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