Best Places to Vacation Ideas

Best Places to Vacation #1:

By Ardith from Colorado - A great place to go for a vacation is Yellowstone Park in the state of Wyoming. Yellowstone Park is fascinating with its many geysers. Old Faithful geyser is a site to see. It percolates all the time and erupts about every 55 minutes. It shoots water and steam 21 times into the air before collapsing.

The buffalo will come up almost close enough to touch, near the geyser. Many hot spring pools of many colors are visible from the pathway that leads around them.

As you head through the rest of the park, you will see many more geysers, small waterfalls, and animals such as the buffalo, moose, elk, and sometimes the occasional bear.

This is a wondrous site to behold. The winding roads with its magnificent view of the Grand Teton Mountains, and the old fashioned lodging make it a rustic thrill. Preferably, this is the best year round vacation for anyone who loves the outdoors.

Best Places to Vacation #2:

By Eric from Minnesota - I went on vacation to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico 2 years ago. It was my second time in Playa and 4th time in Mexico. I have also travelled to Mazatlan and Cancun.

We stayed at an all-inclusive resort called Porto Real. It is ocean side on a strip filled with awesome beach bars including Senor Frogs! One of the greatest things about Mexico is the, "Sand bars"; instead of a floor, there is just sand. This is great because when/if you fall over, it doesn't hurt at all!

Needless to say, we spent a lot of time at the bars in town. They were conveniently located close to the hotel. The weather was in the 80's and 90's every day with absolute sunshine, couldn't ask for anything better.

I spent most of the day on the beach playing pick-up volleyball and drinking rum and cokes. For dinner, we would go out to one of the 3 restaurants that were in our hotel. There was Italian, Mexican and a buffet that had variety.

One of our days was spent on an adventure of the inland jungle area. We repelled into a sinkhole, took a zipline across an alligator filled lake! And we also toured some Mayan ruins. It was pretty affordable per person and well worth it. Overall, my trip was amazing and I can't wait to go back for the third time!

Best Places to Vacation #3:

By Christy, NY - My best vacation experience would be when I went to Florida. I went to Key West and I was very pleased. Key West was very beautiful. I was lucky to swim with the dolphins. The water was so beautiful and serene.

The beaches were clean. I do not like dirty beaches and don't go in the water if I go to a dirty beach. But these beaches were so clean and so was the water. The shops and tourist attractions were nice too. I stayed in a clean hotel.

I then proceeded to go to Disney World in Orlando which was very magical. My favorite ride was Splash Mountain. I went and seen the parade which was colorful. It was really hot. I told my mom at the time that you could fry an egg of the ground. I needed to drink every five minutes.

To cool us off we went to a water park with lots of amazing slides. My favorite is the lazy river; just wading around so I was not so hot. There was a lot of amazing things to do and see in Florida I wish I had much more time there.

Best Places to Vacation #4:

By Jon from North Carolina - I took a trip to Ace Adventure Resort in central West Virginia. I have vacationed there twice and had a blast both times. The first time I went I stayed in a cabin which had a loft and a back deck with a view of the mountains. We also ate there a few times and the food was quite good. They had a lake which you can go kayaking in and it also had a trampoline that floated on the water.
Ace Adventure Resort

We went white water rafting and it was great they have very experienced guides and you can choose what level rapids you want to go through. They also have permanent tents which you can stay in and they are cheaper than the cabins but very sturdy.

You can even go horseback riding there which I did my second time going. I think it would be a great place for taking the family and even better for adventurous couples. Great sights to see, good food, and friendly people, I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a fun vacation.

Best Places to Vacation #5:

By Monica, Las Vegas - Last summer my father and I went to Las Vegas. Even though I was nineteen at the time, I still had so much fun. The first night we arrived we went to see Cirque sol Lei Mystere. It was magical and I loved it show so much we went to see Cirque sol Lei KA another night.

The shows were unbelievable of some acts they performed. I could not take my eyes off the show. Another place we went was Madame Tussade’s Wax Museum. This museum had wax figures from Britney Spears and Beyonce, to Tiger Woods, to Barack Obama. Posing with the wax stars was fun. Some people believe the picture of Hugh Hefner and I is real.

Moreover, we stayed at Mandalay Bay. The hotel was phenomenal. It had many pools, a wave pool, a small zoo where I was able to touch a sting ray, and many restaurants. From our hotel we took a bus to float on the Colorado River. My father and I spent the day on a float speed boat where the tour guide showed us all there was about the river. We even got to go to a hot spring and see the mountain goats.

Overall, my trip to Las Vegas was amazing. Las Vegas is one of the best places to vacation that I know. I am looking forward to visiting again when I am twenty-one.

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