Best Hotels in Las Vegas

Four of the best hotels in Las Vegas - Everyone wants to travel to Las Vegas. Okay, almost everyone. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be a gambler to enjoy Las Vegas. This is a city with some of the best shows, attractions, and restaurants in the world. Better yet, a lot of the attractions are free.

However, do not make the mistake of listening to hotel ‘experts.’ Whether they hold the title of ‘expert’ or not, an ‘expert’ is only one person.

It’s a much better idea to take the advice of hundreds of travelers than just one.

That is why the best hotels in Las Vegas listed below are based on traveler ratings opposed to ‘expert’ ratings.

  • Homewood Suites: Let’s start with the most affordable high-rated hotel in Las Vegas. Homewood Suites by Hilton Las Vegas should stand out right away because of the name Hilton. However, the biggest difference between this Hilton establishment and others is price.

    Homewood Suites Hilton Las Vegas is affordable for almost any traveler. This is also a great option for anyone who doesn’t want to be near the constant noise and action of Las Vegas.

    Since the rooms are actually suites, you’re also going to have a lot of room to roam. Most suites have two rooms and a kitchen. The kitchen comes with silverware and dishes.

    Homewood Suites by Hilton Las Vegas is far from the most popular hotel in Las Vegas because it’s not on the strip and it’s more comfortable than luxurious. That said, with a fitness center, pool, and great breakfast featuring hot sandwiches and fresh salads, it’s a great option for the casual traveler.

  • M Resort Spa Casino: Known for its beauty and sparse crowds at its pool areas, the M Resort Spa Casino is rarely crowded, yet it’s a much nicer casino than most of the casinos on the strip. The M Resort Spa Casino also sports a beauty salon/barbershop and a spa. And all the rooms were renovated in 2009.

    They feature large windows, a lot of storage space, and flexible lighting. The only negative for The M Resort Spa Casino is that noise travels a little too well. While it’s a quiet hotel, noise carries into the rooms with ease. Then again, a lot will depend on your location. If you choose to reserve a room here, simply request a quiet room.

  • Four Seasons Hotel: For those interested in luxury vacation ideas, the most luxurious of all the hotels on this short list of best hotels in Las Vegas is the Four Seasons Hotel. This luxury does come at a price, but according to travelers, that price is well worth paying. Amenities at The Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas include a fitness center, Jacuzzi, spa and wellness center, and outdoor pool.

    But more important is the overall ambiance. The staff is incredibly helpful, every detail of the hotel is perfected, the strip views from some of the rooms are unreal, and the food is exquisite. Travelers also appreciate having the Las Vegas playground out one door and a hidden oasis out another. Desert Rose Resort: The most popular hotel on this list is Desert Rose Resort. Over 5,000 reviews have been left for this hotel. This makes a 4.5-star traveler rating even more impressive.

    What stands out most about Desert Rose Resort is that the rooms are more like apartments than hotel rooms. The atmosphere is also anti-Vegas. When you walk into the lobby you don’t see anxious crowds and hear slot machines.

    You see furniture with earthly tones and you don’t hear much at all. Desert Rose Resort has a pool, two hot tubs, barbeque facilities, and a fitness center. It’s only one block from the strip even though you feel as though you’re miles away.

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