Best Fishing Vacations Ideas

Best Fishing Vacations Idea #1:

Mexico has become a very popular destination for fishing. Anglers from around the world come to enjoy the deep sea fishing off Mexico's coasts. Los Cabos, on the Baja Peninsula, is considered by many to be one of the best game fishing spots in the world.

There are more than 650 varieties of game fish in the waters off Los Cabos. Manzanilla, on the Pacific coast of Mexico is famous for as a world class sailfish fishing spot along with Dorado, yellowtail, marlin, wahoo, bonito and mackerel.

In Cancun you will find world class fly and spin tackle fishing. Or you can go fishing for tarpon in the lagoons, channels, and back country areas around Cancun.

Cozumel has three lagoons where you can do some flatboat fishing for bonefish, baby snook, barracuda, snapper, triggerfish or small shark.

Best Fishing Vacations Idea #2:

Honey Island Swamp, in southern Louisiana is an excellent vacation fishing spot. Bluegill, redear sunfish, largemouth bass, and warmouth are just a few of the fish found here.

The Honey Island Swamp area is one of the reasons Louisiana is known as Fisherman's Paradise. You can take a boat tour through Honey Island Swamp and there’s a good chance you’ll see an alligator or two.

Plus other animals like beavers, red wolf, deer and cougar. There are many species of exotic birds in the swamp. Make sure you bring your camera.

This is a tranquil place with sweet smelling wild azaleas, cypress trees and hanging Spanish moss. Visitors from around the world come for a tour, guided by an ecologist, and enjoy the wildlife and beauty of this pristine wilderness swamp.

Best Fishing Vacation Ideas #3:

How about some Montana-style big-game hunting or fly-fishing on your next vacation. Paws Up Outfitters can arrange for one of these exciting adventure vacation ideas. They are located in Greenough, Montana and they have several trips that they can arrange for you in the Montana wilderness.

Spend a week floating on the Flathead River where your fly-fishing can net you 100 fish in a day. Camp in the wilderness and hunt elk, deer and bear with rifle or bow. Or you can just explore the beautiful Montana terrain on horseback while enjoying all the camping, hiking and sightseeing you could want.

Best Fishing Vacations Idea #4:

A great spot for a fishing vacation is Priest Lake in northern Idaho. Priest Lake is well known for record Mackinaw and trophy rainbow trout. There are a number of local fishing outfitters who can show you where all the good fishing spots are. This is a quiet place where fishing and solitude go hand in hand.

The setting is the dense evergreen forest at the foot of the beautiful Selkirk Mountains. Priest Lake is made up of two lakes connected by 2 miles of river for a total length of 25 miles. Next door are four different state parks for recreation. The area provides excellent opportunities to see wildlife and in the winter it is a popular playground for snowmobilers. You can stay at one of the nice rustic loge retreats along the western shore of Priest Lake.

Sunset Fishing

Best Fishing Vacations Idea #5:

The Everglades National Park in south Florida is a popular freshwater fishing spot. It’s not all swamp and alligators. A large portion of the park is open water where you can enjoy both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

Along Main Park Road from the main entrance are a number of freshwater fishing spots including the popular Nine-Mile Pond. Boats and guides are available to charter.

If you want to stay inside the park, the Flamingo Lodge is available. Just outside the park is the Marina and Outpost Resort along with a few other hotels. Boats and guides are available to charter from the local hotels or other outfitters that offer fishing and touring services.

If you enjoy tent camping, the Everglades National Park is a great place setup camp. Or you can stay in one of the backcountry chikees which are covered wooden platforms that are set off the ground on stilts. Another fun way to enjoy the park and find the good fishing spots is to rent a houseboat.

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