Best Family Vacation Spot

Best Family Vacation Spot #1:

By Mandy from Hot Springs – Our family’s favorite place to vacation is Hot Springs, Arkansas. There is so much to do there for both the young and old. Hot Springs is a beautiful city with an historic downtown. The natural hot springs have been used for healing baths for centuries.

Many famous people enjoyed bathing there including former presidents and mobsters. Besides the bath houses, there are many things for an adventurous person to do. One thing I enjoyed was playing mini golf at Pirate Cove.

It was so much fun putting through the pirate ship and learning all about Black Beard as I went. The local lake is also spectacular!

We took a cruise on "The Belle of Hot Springs". It was lovely! We enjoyed dinner and dancing to a spectacular Hot Springs’ sunset.

Another great place to visit is Garvan Woodland Gardens. There are beautiful walking trails and many photographic opportunities. I highly recommend Hot Springs for your vacation ideas!

Best Family Vacation Spot #2:

By Stan from Lake George, NY - Since I was a very young child, my favorite place to vacation has been Lake George, New York.

With an endless variety of activities for all ages, Lake George is a relaxing destination for any family, individual or couple.

Ride the rollercoasters at New York’s famous The Great Escape, complete with expansive water park and food vendors on every corner, or unwind by picnicking on the shores of Lake George.

If theme parks aren’t your thing, take a stroll down Canada Street and explore all of the local stores Lake George has to offer. The town itself is quaint yet bustling with gift shops, restaurants and watering holes to make the most out of your vacation.

Judd’s Tavern on Route 9 offers a relaxing atmosphere for natives and visitors alike. Whether you choose to stay at charming cabin on the lake or a high-class resort, Lake George is the ideal vacation spot for young and old alike.

Best Family Vacation Spot #3:

By Jamie from Memphis - For the best family vacation spot, our family loves St. Louis, Missouri. This city is home to so many free attractions; it really is the perfect place for families on a budget. We usually stay at the Embassy Suites in downtown St. Louis.

Though it may be slightly pricier, the hotel has an indoor pool and a generous breakfast buffet. Our favorite restaurants in St. Louis are Pappy's Smokehouse, Pho Grand and Dewey's Pizza. We also make sure to visit Crown Candy Kitchen to have a delicious scoop of ice cream.

Of course, no trip to St. Louis is complete without a trip to the arch. But, the city has a number of other must-see attractions, including the City Museum, the St. Louis Zoo and Six Flags. Baseball fans will enjoy a visit to see Major League Baseball's St. Louis Cardinals, and the city is home to the Anheuser-Busch Brewery as well. St. Louis truly has attractions to delight people of all ages, and that is why it is our favorite vacation spot.

Best Family Vacation Spot #4:

By Susan from Pennsylvania - Being a parent to three active children we plan our vacation to make everyone happy. We take our yearly vacation at Darian Lake in New York. We live in Pennsylvania and the Park is located in New York. However it is not a long drive for us. This is ideal for us as we can make plans to take our trip on a weekend.

They have a campground available too, it is less expensive than staying at a hotel, so we make it a two day trip. We rent one of the family campers for the night and the kids love it! It is so affordable that we even bring along a few friends. Our favorite part of the park is the awesome water slides. We can spend all day there.

There is so much to do at Darian Lake. They have all kinds of fun rides and roller coasters and tons of food and music. Our Church also takes the Youth Kids to Kingdom Bound, where a variety of bands play.

One year we planned our vacation at the same time as our Church and we had an awesome time!! We have a pretty tight budget so Darian Lake gives us an affordable vacation experience we deserve! It has really become a family tradition!

Best Family Vacation Spot #5:

Parasailing Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

By Jenn from Washington State - My favorite place for family vacation ideas is Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Puerto Vallarta is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever been to. It has pristine white sandy beaches, palm trees, and turquoise water. It is also located where the tropics meet the desert.

The white beaches and palm trees are back dropped by the Sierra Madres Occidental Mountains where you will find various cactus and desert foliage mixed with tropical plants and flowers along with gecko's, iguana's and parrots.

If the beauty isn't enough, Puerto Vallarta has amenities and activities for the entire family. Some of the excursions include cruising the bay in a Pirate Ship, Parasailing, and exploring the Madres in old military Humvees. The waterfront has a boardwalk that is loaded with local shops and restaurants.

In the heart of Puerto Vallarta you will find a Hard Rock Cafe, Hooters, Senior Frog's, Burger King, Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, and a local flea market. Along the bay you will also find a plethora of hotels and motels that will meet any budget.

We found Puerta Vallarta to be tourist friendly and a safe place to bring the whole family. This is a town that has tourist police along every major street who provide tourists with directions and stop traffic for you if you want to cross the street. In fact, nearly everyone we encountered was friendly and offered assistance. Puerto Vallarta is the best family vacation spot I think!

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