Best Family Cruise Vacation Ideas

Best Family Cruises #1:

By Chris from Illinois - I think Disney has the best family cruises. We received a free Disney Cruise with our vacation club membership. We had to pay for our kids and luckily for us, my wife's parents decided to come along. Our room was an outside cabin with a small veranda. The Disney Cruise has a lot to offer for everyone. Obviously there is plenty for kids.

Not only are there lots of opportunities to take pictures and get autographs with characters, but there are family friendly shows, daily movies on big screens, and the Oceaneer's Club/Lab where kids are engaged by friendly cast members.

With the kids otherwise entertained, adults and teens are free to go to separate areas of the ship for specialized entertainment.

Along with award winning shows and outstanding food, a Disney Cruise is a vacation worth repeating! If that wasn't enough, each cruise comes with a couple of island stops.

Our cruise stopped at Nassau and Castaway Cay, Disney's private island resort. Nassau gets the majority of their income from tourists, so they are happy to oblige with tours and shops.

In addition the famous Atlantis resort is attached to Nassau. They have a casino and a large aquarium, as well as a water park. Castaway Cay has separate beaches for adults, teens and families.

They have water sports and different activities available. It would have been nice to be there more than just one day, but almost every cruise offered makes a stop so you can easily visit again!

I've always been a fan of the customer service offered by Disney and I felt like they stepped it up even further on the cruise. They have these routines down pat and make sure you understand all they have to offer and even make the un-fun things like going through customs as easy as possible.

If you are looking for one of the best family cruises ever, a Disney Cruise has all the Disney experience you could ever want: characters galore, awesome shows and excellent service!

Best Family Cruises #2:

By Molly E from Tri Cities, WA - My best family cruises vacation was our Princess Cruise vacation to Anchorage, Alaska. It was my husband, my 2 children, and I. Before going on the cruise I had been worried about my kids being bored.

But it turned out to be the best family cruises. I hadn’t done much research on Alaska and from my imagination I thought it was going to be deserted with the only signs of life being Eskimos and polar bears.

My mistake, Alaska is beautiful! We stayed in Anchorage for 3 days, and it was wonderful. There was something that we all wanted to do and almost everything was family friends. I am an animal lover and so I made my family follow me through the city to every place that had to do with animals.

We went to the Alaska Zoo, a dog sled show, and a polar bear habitat tour. My kids liked the Alaska Zoo best because there happened to be 2 week old wolf pups that they got to bottle feed.

I guess that normally wouldn’t happen due to high traffic volume in the zoo, but on that particular day the zoo was slow. My youngest couldn’t tell the different between the wolves and our dog back at home. So he kept calling them dogs and thinking about it makes me giggle to this day. The polar bear habitat at the zoo was remarkable.

Princess Cruise Alaska
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They had about 7 polar bears in a giant glass enclosure where they are free to swim and lounge around on ice caps. Then, tourists can also go underground to see the polar bears as they swim. The dog sled show was my husband’s favorite part of the trip. We had actually happened upon it by accident when we got lost driving.

I can’t remember where we were trying to go, but we ended up at a dog sled show that was in progress. They had a team of 16 Huskies showing off. I think the truck they pulled weighed an amazing 10,000 lbs. That was the grand finale, but they also just had regular 4-team races and such. The tour of the polar bear habitat that we went on was wonderful as well, although a bit expensive.

If I remember right it cost us about $350 for the 4 of us, and the tour way maybe only 40 minutes long. Definitely worth it though! We were driving by ATVs right by an actual polar bear habitat. Being the scaredy-cat I am, I wanted to just go by myself, because I was afraid something might happen to one of the kids. The bears must have been used to humans by then though because they pretty much ignored us.

It was nice to see them in their natural habitat, even though they were mostly just lounging around the way they were at the zoo. I had my fill of animals and my kids had ideas of their own from signs that they had seen around the city. Apparently there was a water park unbeknownst to me.

I spent hours trying to tell my kids that if there was a water park that it would be closed because it was too darn cold. It turns out there really was a water park a couple blocks from our hotel. It was an indoor type, of course, called H2Oasis.

Upon arriving there I was terrified that one of my kids was going to drown. There was a wave pool with 4 foot tall waves smashing amongst each other. I guess it must have been fun because it was packed full of people.

I told my kids that they could do anything they wanted at the park except get close to that pool. If I would have even seen on of their toes touch that water we would have been in a cab on our way to the airport. I still think that wave pool is absolutely dangerous, even for older children. They heeded my warning and I took my youngest to the pirate lagoon and my husband took our daughter to the water-roller-coaster ride section.

The kiddy-lagoon was really neat. There’s a set of about 10 small water slides which all end up in the same pool. I really liked that because it was easier to keep an eye on my children. My son’s favorite thing at H2Oasis was walking the pirate plank and landing in the lagoon.

He spent the rest of the trip saying, “Arrgh!” There are so many other attractions in Anchorage, but we were only there for 3 days and didn’t have time to do many. I am already planning another trip of the best family cruises to Alaska in which we can stay longer.

Everyone in that city was very nice and helpful. There were a lot of great restaurants and most everything was family friendly, a huge plus. The funny thing is, my 2 favorite vacation spots are Hawaii and Alaska, which are pretty much complete opposites.

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