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By M. A. Gallant from Portland - The best family cruise ship vacation of my life was a Royal Caribbean cruise that I gave to my daughter for her graduation. There were a total of eight of us in our group.

We went on a four-night cruise on Royal Caribbean stopping in the Cayman Islands and Cancun, Mexico. We all had a blast from the moment we boarded the ship. We got up early every day and had a huge buffet style breakfast. Then we all took off to enjoy the many morning activities.

We could choose from dance lessons, Ping-Pong board tournaments, shopping, bingo games, rock climbing and more.

The morning activities were pretty mellow. While on the ship, we couldn't go hungry if we wanted to. There were buffets, dining halls, and snack stands open around the clock.

In the afternoons, we could choose to lounge at the pool, participate in dance contests, enjoy the casino, participate in craft activities, or attend wine and cheese tastings.

The options for entertainment were unlimited. Around 5:00 each day we went to our room to dress for dinner. It was fun getting dressed up and enjoying a fancy dinner each night.

The waiters were wonderful, and they even provided entertainment by parading around the dining room in costumes, or dancing.

We laughed until our stomachs hurt every night at dinner. If we had a hard time choosing a meal, the waiter would bring both dishes. We collectively gained 50 pounds in four short days.

After dinner, we would have our photos taken. Then it was off to the wonderful night life. We would start by seeing a show in the auditorium. These ranged from comedy to music shows. After the big show we would go off to our very favorite part of the cruise - Game Show of the Night.

Of all the onboard entertainment, The Game Show really made this the best family cruise ship for us. Each night was different. The audience was divided into teams and we did things like funny trivia questions, scavenger hunts, relay races, ect.

This was actually the only event on the ship where the teens were willing to spend time with the adults. Usually the kids would all go off doing their own thing but this was a real family event which made it special for us. After this, we would go to one of the clubs for dancing. There were adult clubs and teen clubs. The music was great and the ship employees made the night fun and exciting.

We also enjoyed our two days off the ship. In Cancun we shopped until we were ready to drop. One of the most memorable things about Cancun was the chickens that ran free in the streets. We found ourselves wrapped up in watching the Momma chickens leading their groups of babies through the traffic. The locals seemed to be very cautious of their feathered friends.

In Mexico we enjoyed a private beach, complete with cabana boys to cater to our every whim. It was nice getting to go to a beach and have chairs set up for you, with dry towels and drinks delivered to your seat in the coral sand. We enjoyed a great lunch at Senior Frogs restaurant. After lunch, the girls found some young men to dance with. We picked up souvenirs in the many shops.

By the end of the trip, we were all exhausted from the fun we had. We were ready to go back to our normal lives. One thing is for sure - we made some great family memories. If you have never been on a cruise, Royal Caribbean is best family cruise ship. Just go for it! You will not regret it.

Holland America Cruise
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Best Family Cruise Ship by Shelly from Tampa - When my husband and I begin planning our vacation, the first thing we do is research a cruise. There’s so much to do onboard, regardless of age. Our personal favorite is Holland America.

We are a young couple in our mid-thirties with twin four-year-olds, but we still choose Holland America every time. Not only is the ship quieter and more relaxing, but our children receive one-on-one attention in Club Hal, and frequently cruise "free". Cabins are the largest in their class, and the food is always fantastic!

When we arrive in a new port we like to either take a taxi to a beach, or meet our previously arranged rental car. It’s so much easier to throw our day bags in the trunk and set off exploring on our own. There’s nothing worse than planning your vacation to a new place, only to never really "see" the island, or be shuttled around like sheep and only see the crowded tourist spots. If you’re looking for a relaxing cruise, to actually have a vacation, take my advice and look into cruising with Holland America!

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