Best Caribbean Vacation Ideas

Best Caribbean Vacation Ideas #1 One of the best vacations that my husband and I have taken was to St. Maarten. St. Maarten is a Caribbean island which is half Dutch and half French. Because of its island locale and its split heritage, there are many unique things that a vacationer can do while visiting.

One of the most fun things that we did while visiting St. Maarten was going on a zip-line adventure down a mountain (which is much more adventurous and less safe than when done in the United States) at Loterie Farms.

We also participated in a "Rhino Tour" where each couple gets their own personal mini speed boat to speed across the water to a snorkeling location and then you get a couple of hours to snorkel before driving back.

One day we took a ferry to the neighboring island of St. Barts, which is very glamorous, and spent the day shopping, swimming on shell beach, people watching, and eating French pastries.

Another day we visited the St. Maarten zoo, which is very cool, as they are much more hands on compared to an American zoo. We were able to feed the animals peanuts and even pick up some of the animals!

The food in St. Maarten is wonderful and ranges from French crepes to wonderful steak and fresh seafood.

The island even has a movie theater for having a calm night at the movies. Overall it was a wonderful island vacation idea! - By Jennifer from St. Maarten

#2: The United States National Park located on the island of St. John's, USVI is one of the most beautiful and pristine vacation spots often overlooked by tourists. Due to the protection of the National Forest Service, the natural beauty of the island and surrounding reefs have been maintained and preserved as much as possible.

There are numerous hiking trails that lead to secluded beaches with crystal clear waters. There are trails that lead to cays with excellent snorkeling where you can see tropical fish, starfish and turtles. The national park service allows camping on site for a very nominal fee and has bath facilities available. St. John's is a welcome break from the other commercialized Caribbean vacation spots where cruise ships flock.

The United States National Park on St. John's is one of the best vacation ideas which will allow visitors to see and experience nature in a well-preserved state. - By Courtney from Chicago

Best Caribbean Vacation Ideas #3: When I was younger our family took a trip to Costa Rica for a week. I have always loved to travel and this was one of the best Caribbean vacation spots I had ever seen.

We stayed at a beautiful resort right on the beach. The sand was so soft and the water was amazing. Since it was a school trip everything was planned and every day we did something new. We had the first day to relax and get settled into our rooms, and explore the resort a little bit.

The rest of the week was filled with new experiences. The first thing we did was go on a hike through the rain forest. We saw all sorts of plants and wildlife. We saw monkeys swinging through the trees, and huge iguanas sunbathing.

We saw lines of leaf cutter ants, and fire ant hills that were almost as tall as a person. We hiked up to a small volcano opening and could see the hot lava and mud.

Then we went zip lining through the trees and down into crevices where we then rock climbed out. The sights, the natural streams and beautiful rocks were all absolutely stunning. I took pictures i had only seen in magazines. It was amazing.

One day we went on a boat ride through the rain forest. Again we saw the monkeys swinging through the trees and all different kinds of birds. We even saw a sloth. They took us through the marshy areas where we saw cayman and small alligators.

I saw plant life and beautiful flowers blooming. On the way back to the resort we stopped at a natural waterfall and were able to get out and actually get behind it and take some really good pictures. It was gorgeous.

One of my favorite things we did was go to a natural hot springs. There were three waterfalls, different "pool" areas you could go to relax and enjoy the hot water. There were beautiful plants and trees and it felt as if you were still in the rain forest. I have never experienced anything like it.

Words just can't describe how extremely beautiful all these things were. I will close with the opportunity we had to go to a coffee farm. We saw the rows and rows of coffee beans growing all the way into the distant hills.

Everything was so green and the air so fresh. In the small shops the bean aromas were so intense. This trip to Costa Rica is a vacation that I will never forget, and a memory I will always cherish. - By Sandra from Florida

#4: Visiting the Sandals resort in Jamaica was about as a tropical vacation as you can get. It came with the usual resort perks such as poolside bars (and even pool surrounded bars), steamers, sand, and megawatts of solar energy.

Nevertheless leaving the resort to explore the Jamaican wilderness, and converse with the locals is what made my travel their truly memorable. Jamaicans have a very humble quality of living, but the people seem to be very respectful of each other, and very humble themselves.

The water attractions in the area are endless, especially outside of the resort. If you're looking for a tropical retreat that has more to offer than resort life I'd suggest Sandals. I felt safe, adventurous, and entertained for the duration of my vacation trip, and the wife loved it too. - By George from NY

Best Caribbean Vacation Ideas #5: At the Atlantis, Paradise Island you can have all the Bahamas has to offer as well as a wild and fun time at their 114 acre waterpark. It’s only 50 miles off the coast of Florida so you won’t have far to travel for tropical vacation fun. The Atlantis waterpark has lots of high and fast water slides. Plus you can enjoy the two aquariums and at least a dozen pools.

Atlantis is a huge upscale resort with a couple thousand rooms, loads of great restaurants and bars, and large casino with slots, table games and sports betting. And don’t forget the swim with the dolphins experience at Dolphin Cay, a huge beautiful dolphin rescue and recuperation center. There’s a fantastic marine life exhibit with an interactive aquarium. There’s just so much to do here. It’s the perfect vacation idea for families as well as couple looking for a romantic getaway.

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