Best All Inclusive Vacation Ideas

Best All Inclusive Vacations #1:

By Paul from MN - An all-inclusive family Cruise to the Caribbean: The most memorable and fun trip that I have ever taken on vacation would have to be the Caribbean Cruise I took with my family.

We went on this cruise with my family as well as my cousin's family and had a blast. Cruises are usually the best way to visit a place in my opinion because most things are taken care of for you and they are all-inclusive.

Our cruise left from the coast of Florida and visited a few islands in the Caribbean area.

The weather is always warm and sunny there is seems, and the water is crystal blue just like you would see on postcards or in the movies.

The cruise ship arrives at each island in the mornings and allows the passengers to leave the ship for the day. You can spend your day enjoying the islands and toward the afternoon the passengers board the ship once again.

The ship is amazing as it contains night clubs, a mall, a theater, and amazing pools on the deck. The rooms are comfortable and the ship was always clean.

Probably the best part of the cruise was the unlimited amount of food that was served around the clock. There was always an abundance of food available for anyone to eat. Sort of like a 24 hour buffet!

If I were to recommend a vacation to someone looking to get away, I would always recommend a cruise as it is a guaranteed good time.

Best All Inclusive Vacations #2:

By Chris from AL - On my most recent trip, which was for my yearly Christmas getaway - I went to a little gem in the Dominican Republic called Boca Chica.

We stayed at the Oasis Hamaca Hotel, a gorgeous All-Inclusive facility right in the heart of the town. Boca Chica is an artisan town-so there's lots of fun to be had simply wandering around and checking out all the original artwork and other goods for sale.

The beaches in Boca Chica are really nice and clean, and the weather was perfect 99% of the time. It also had a very European vibe- not many Americans at all (like in other parts of DR such as Punta Cana.)

The best excursion we took was to a little island called Isla Saona- you travel there via catamaran and dance and drink the whole way there. Then, on the island you sunbathe, eat some delicious home cooked Dominican food and drink some more. The final stop was on a huge sand bar very far out from the coast (you feel like you're in the middle of the sea) where there were a ton of starfish to see.

All in all, I really recommend Boca Chica, and the Oasis Hamaca. Great value, great food, and a really, really gorgeous, little known spot.

Oasis Hamaca Hotel, Boca Chica

Best All Inclusive Vacations #3:

Turtle Island in Fiji
Turtle Island in Fiji
By Thomas from Maine - My favorite vacation was to an all-inclusive private island resort on Turtle Island in Fiji. My fiancé and I went there to get away from all the pressures at home. We were trying to save for a wedding and a house so it was a very stressful time.

The resort was on a beautiful island and it was so warm! We were so glad to be away from the snow at home. The resort provided everything we needed and it was all included! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Drinks and snacks. We even had a maid come to make our beds, clean, and do our laundry. The room had a king size bed and a hot tub right in the room!

We even got a romance package that included wine, chocolates, and rose petals sprinkled around. A ton of activities were included too. We got to ride horses, go snorkeling and kayaking, and sleep on the beach. It was great to just hang out and do lots of fun things we never got to do at home.

Best All Inclusive Vacations #4:

By Chris from Kentucky - My most memorable vacation was when my boyfriend and I took a trip to the Bahamas. We stayed on the island of Nassau at Sandals Royal Bahamian. Although it costs a little more to stay at Sandals, it is an all-inclusive resort so once you arrive; you can leave your wallet in the room.

The weather was beautiful-warm but breezy. We enjoyed lots of time relaxing by the pool, or doing water sports. Once we had our fill of the sun, we would have some fun inside playing games, such as chess, checkers, or billiards. In the evening, we would go for a delicious dinner and later to a show at the nightclub.

We sometimes left the resort to go shopping in town at the local "straw market". It was a good time talking to the locals and haggling a little over items in the stores. Lots of great buys!

For a more upscale shopping experience the bus will take you to Paradise Island where the beautiful Atlantis Resort is located. Lots of designer shops but the deals are much better at the straw market.

It was a really fantastic trip and especially memorable since it was for my 30th birthday. I would recommend it to all couples to bring a little romance back into your relationship.

Sandals Royal Bahamian, Nassau

Best All Inclusive Vacations #5:

By Sophie from CO - My favorite vacation was in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The hotel was called Sanctuary Cap Cana Resort. The resort offered an all-inclusive setup and the food was amazing! They offered seafood 3 nights per week and the seafood was fresh and so tasty. This included lobster, crab, shrimp and everything else you can think of.

Sanctuary Cap Cana Resort
Sanctuary Cap Cana, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

I especially loved the white sand beaches that sported crystal clear waters. To wake up to that beautiful sunshine and fresh air, then take a walk on the beach was so awesome. They also had amazing room service and room cleaning on like many of the Caribbean islands.

The excursions also included trips to the town where you can take part in the Dominican culture, which is rich in the arts and dance and great food. All in all the Dominican Republic is a paradise that is not to be missed and it is not going to break the bank to get there and enjoy! This is one of the best all inclusive vacations I've tried.

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