Best All Inclusive Family Resorts

Best All Inclusive Family Resorts #1:

By Emily from Seattle - I went with my family to Beaches Resort in Jamaica. It was a great experience and I do recommend it to all. All-inclusive was for sure the way to go for this family trip. There were a large number of us-- 19 to be exact-- ranging in ages from four to 45.

With a group like that it is very difficult to make and keep everyone happy, but at Beaches it was easy. People could eat what they wanted, when they wanted. Kids played in the pool while adults laid on the beach.

There also are numerous activities to take part in from big feasts, to banana boats, to snorkeling, our trip was full of fun things to do, all a part of the resort experience.

The rooms were clean, and air-conditioned. The pickup shuttle to the resort was also nice and scenic. I would highly recommend this vacation idea to all; families or couples. It is a wonderful resort.

Best All Inclusive Family Resorts #2:

By Jessica from Alaska - Our family went to an all-inclusive resort called El Maeva in Manzanillo, Colima Mexico. We absolutely loved it. The food is buffet style, but every day and every meal they offer different foods.

We were there for 4 days total and never got tired of eating! They have 3 set meal times but all day they have 'snack shacks' that offer foods like nachos, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, French fries and finger foods.

The rooms are beautiful and roomy, ours was two floors. Upstairs were the main bedroom and bathroom; downstairs was a kitchen, two sofas that can be used as beds, another bathroom, and another bedroom with 2 beds, living room and balcony.

There were so many shows and activities we didn't have time to do everything and we never even left the hotel! There is also a kid's club where you can leave your kids and they have a little pool, activities, and movies. We can't wait to go back.

Best All Inclusive Family Resorts #3:

By Joe from California - If you want a vacation of a lifetime that allows you to really get away from everything (including the rainy weather) for the holidays, look no further. Two winters ago, our family chose to venture down south to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

We decided to stay 14 days and nights in the Nuevo Vallarta Resort not far from where I had stayed previously. Choosing to go all-inclusive was the best decision I ever made. Quite simply, the drinks and dinners we had at this resort would have cost almost double the price of just staying there…not to mention the delicious lunches and breakfasts we got each morning.

A day trip was also included in the package we purchased. We also visited the Dolphin center nearby and had a wild experience swimming with the dolphins. All in all, this all-inclusive vacation idea was one to remember, and I suggest anyone looking to book a holiday vacation choose to go this option if available.

Best All Inclusive Family Resorts #4:

Kalahari Resorts Wall Climb
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By John from Youngstown - I would like to tell you about Kalahari Resorts, an indoor water park in Sandusky, Ohio (there is also one in Dells, Wisconsin). The overall atmosphere of the resort it amazing, the park carries an "African" theme and it's like every piece of architecture and design is taken straight from Africa.

The resort is huge, with a full convention center and a 50,000sq. ft indoor water park. They have family all inclusive packages that include your room, food, game room and admission to the water park. The average cost for a one night stay was around $140 and that includes park access for 2 days from the time you check in until 10pm and the next day from 9am-10pm (9pm on weeknights). The park has an indoor wave pool, the latest and best water rides, and a section for adults only which had a swim up bar and an outdoor Jacuzzi tub. Kalahari is truly a resort for people of all ages!

Best All Inclusive Family Resorts #5:

By Stella from Chisinau - Last year our family took a vacation to Kemer, Turkey. The hotel was an all-inclusive 5 stars hotel, named Vogue Avantgarde. I strongly recommend this hotel to everyone who wants to have a very relaxing vacation but still with different entertainments.

I will start my description by saying that the hotel rooms were very comfortable and very fancy decorated, with all the things needed for a glamour vacation.

The food in the restaurant was always very fresh and diverse every day, and the sweets...the best sweets I ever tasted in my life. Every night in the theater there were different shows for kids and later for adults and of course a disco every night.

The best thing that happened to us is that, for promotion purposes, they moved us to a villa, free, with no additional charge. Those villas were very fancy and VIP so we were truly thankful for this gift :) I wish you a pleasant vacation in Vogue Avantgarde, the best all inclusive hotel we've ever enjoyed.

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