Beach Trip Vacation Ideas

Beach Trip Ideas #1:

By Liz from Dallas, Texas - Some of my favorite beaches are Stewart Beach on Galveston Island in Texas and Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina.

Of course, for a beach lover like me, any beach will do. My favorite vacation ideas all involve going to the beach. Nothing compares to the wonderful feeling I get when I slip off my shoes and feel the sand between my toes.

I enjoying going to the beach on vacation because I like to swim in the ocean and enjoying the sun on the sand. Seeing the waves crash on the shore is so peaceful and calming.

I also like to walk on the pier and watch the sun rise over the ocean. Looking at the ocean makes me remember just how big this world is and how small all my problems are in the grand scheme of things.

Beach Trip Ideas #2:

By Joseph from North Carolina - My favorite vacation activity is surf kayaking. I've surf kayaked in Morocco, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Spain, Portugal, Hawaii, and Ireland.

I love being in the water, at the beach. My favorite time of day to go surfing is at sunset. We fly with our kayaks all over the world. We often meet really interesting people and eat a variety of local foods.

I am very interested in the cultures of the communities we visit, and we often surf with the locals, asking them about their families and the area.

When the water is warm, it is a much more pleasing experience, but I've surfed many cold water locations as well. I try to go surf kayaking on vacation at least once a year with my friends. I will try to do it for the rest of my life, I truly love being in the surf.

Beach Trip Ideas #3:

By Darcy from Oregon - The thing that my family and I most enjoy doing on vacation is sightseeing. We like to go to the beach and look at the ocean. We mostly go to Oregon beaches, so the water is too cold to actually swim in.

We will, though, occasionally get our feet wet, and let the tide come in so we can feel the strength of the ocean around our calves. Mostly, however, we play in the sand. We will bury each other and make sandcastles.

We will write messages in the sand and draw pictures in the sand so that we can take pictures of it that commemorate our trip. In the evening, we will watch the sunset on the beach. There is nothing more beautiful than watching the sun disappear into the ocean.

Beach Trip Ideas #4:

By Betty from FL - One of favorite things to do is grab an umbrella, small chair, and a book and head to the beach. Don’t forget to bring some soda and chips. Even though some people are afraid of the birds, I always look for the spot with the most seagulls. Then I throw down some chips far enough away that my slight movements won’t scare the birds away.

After I have had my share of the book and the birds I would enjoy a stroll to the boardwalk for some sightseeing. As much as I enjoy watching the birds I also enjoy watching people.

The beach is not just for sightseeing and bird watching. So if you are seeking a more adventurous vacation don’t count out the beach. Try renting a four wheeler, or maybe going parasailing. If that isn’t adventurous enough for you why not try going to a topless or complete nude beach.

Beach Trip Ideas #5:

By Emma from New Jersey - One of my favorite beach trip ideas is to, completely on a whim, take off work and head to the beach on a bright and sunny day. I’ll bring a few things: a book, a towel, sunscreen, a bathing suit and a few snacks.

I prefer sandy beaches rather than rocky beaches, somewhere in the gulf coast. I like visiting the beach because it provides a nice relaxing alternative to my normally hectic workday.

I love reading on the beach and then going for a swim. I like reading a frothy beach read when I’m waiting to swim. I like to read the book and drag my toes through the sand. I love the warm comfortable feeling that comes with good weather and a good read. It makes for a pleasant day on the beach.

Beach Trip Ideas #6:

By Thomas from Florida - My favorite inexpensive vacation activity would have to be hanging out on the beach. Like looking for sea shells, swimming in the ocean, skim boarding and just relaxing in the sun. Sometimes I'll rent a jet ski and ride around on the ocean, that's always fun.
Jet Skiing Fun
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I really like to do all of the above because aside from being fun, sea shells can be very pretty looking and if you find enough colored sea shells you can put them in a jar with sum sand and use it as a decoration in your home to remind you of your vacation.

Swimming is always fun because it kinda makes you feel like a fish or a dolphin. Skim boarding is a lot like surfing except when you do it you are in like 2 inches of water instead of like 100 yards in the ocean, and it's always good to get a nice, natural tan as well.

As far as jet skis go they are awesome. If you never rode a jet ski I would recommend it to anyone. There's nothing like riding around on the ocean having a fun time. When I usually go and do all of this fun stuff, I would prefer to go to, Treasure Island, Fl.

It's a very, nice beach with white sand and blue water. It’s just like you would see on a post card. And if you have never been there before, I promise you will never forget your first time there.

Beach Trip Ideas #7:

By Sera from Rio - My favorite vacation was in "Arroio do Sal”, a Brazilian beach. My family had just bought a beach house, and I just started going out with my girlfriend. On total there were six persons: My mother, stepfather, grandmother, aunt, my girlfriend and me. It lasted 2 weeks.

The Arroio do Sal area has some interesting places. First, the local inn and Ice Cream shop, taking the beach's name, that was in front of my house. We got there some times, had ice cream, it was an enjoyable experience.

It also had a department store filled up with almost everything you can think of, what was sure a nice experience for my mother and grandmother, since both love shopping. Last, there was a bar with bands playing live some night, but it was closed.

Overall, it is a pretty quiet place, perfect for people who don’t want noises at night or loud parties. It was very special to me, since it was the first time I went on a trip with my girlfriend and one of the few times I went on a trip with my family.

Ocean City Maryland - My favorite activity to do while I am on vacationing at the beach is to rent a jet ski. I am a motorcycle mechanic and I am always riding bikes and they have their limits on where they can go and what you can do on them. A jet ski on the other hand lets you have almost complete freedom of where you want to go on the water.

Also depending on where you are jet skiing you can see awesome scenery and even swim with dolphins. My favorite place to do this is in Ocean City Maryland. We always go to the rental place right at the end of the boardwalk. They offer a guided first part or the trip, and then they take you to a large open bay where you pretty much can do whatever you want. But, anywhere you do it you are sure to have an awesome time! - By Jon from PA

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