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Beach Best Vacation #1:

By CJ from Alabama - Our family loves the beach and one of our favorite vacation ideas is Destin, Florida. We always get a condo at Turtlewalk. It’s right on the beach and is very nice for families. The beach in Destin was so white and the water was so clear. The beach is not very busy which makes it very fun for the kids because they can run around and play ball and Frisbee. We enjoy going to St. Andrews State Park and take the shuttle to Shell Island - a gorgeous uninhabited island right off the coast near Panama City.

It was beautiful, and we even caught a crab! Turtlewalk isn't far from the shops, either. But after the first couple of years we pretty much quit shopping. How many t-shirts saying Destin does one family really need, anyway?

We do all our grocery shopping at the Super Wal-Mart as it's the cheapest and it isn't too far from the condo. And in the mornings we'll get fresh Dunkin' Donuts from the shop off the main strip. Overall, Destin is my favorite place to vacation and I can't wait until our next trip.

Beach Best Vacation #2:

Avila Beach is a wonderful vacation idea if you are looking for a small beach for a relaxing, laid back experience. Avila Beach is located on San Luis Obispo Bay along the California Central Coast. This is a small village resort area but there are plenty of things to do.

The beach area and the boardwalk have recently been rebuilt. The beach offers surfing, swimming, fishing and picnicking. This is an excellent spot to plan a family beach vacation. Whale watching tours a popular.

The area has numerous places, like Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort Hotel, where you can enjoy the natural mineral springs in redwood tubs. Rent a Jet Ski or kayak. Head out into the ocean on one the sport fishing boat tours available.

Visit the Fish and Farmers Market. Take a fun tour on the Beach Trolley to Point San Luis Lighthouse Park to see the lighthouse and the dramatic coastal ocean scenery. Enjoy a round of golf at the Avila Beach Golf Resort.

Beach Best Vacation #3:

By Rudy from Cleveland - This past June our family drove from Cleveland, Ohio to Virginia Beach, Virginia. We stayed at a local Motel 6 which was about 15 minutes from the beach and very reasonably priced. We were there Friday through Sunday. During the time that we were there, the boardwalk was having a huge art show! I have never been to a bigger show.

The weather and the beach were absolutely gorgeous and when we got tired of lying around, we simply walked the show! They were also having a beach volleyball tournament. You could simply walk right in and watch the matches, if you liked.

There were vendors from all different companies at the tournament. Nivea was doing short massages for free; Barefoot Wine was giving bags full of goodies and free wine tastings!

Right on the beach they were doing a cooking demonstration as well! I will say the beach in the morning and evening was perfect!

Midday you may want to go back to the hotel for a quick cool off and meal. The sun gets a little strong at that time. The local Navy base does fly jets during the week, but on Saturday and Sunday we didn't see or hear any. All in all the three days were fantastic! I wish we would have stayed a little longer.

Beach Best Vacation #4:

Long Beach Kite Festival
Long Beach Kite Festival
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By Erika from Seattle - My favorite place to vacation to is definitely Long Beach, Washington. When I go there I rent out a little bungalow not far from the beach from a company called Akari Bungalows. They look like little houses, but when you leave, they clean it just like a hotel service would!

Long Beach is a little town that doesn't have much, but that's why it's a great place for family quality time. They have tons of kite shops, an arcade and a mini put-put golf area. During the day our family looked at all the little shops and restaurants.

Once it gets dark you can go down to the beach and start your fire. Long Beach has great beaches that you can drive your car down on the sand next to your fire pit!

Beach Best Vacation #5:

By Sasori Sawada from Japan - Last summer my family and I went to Panglao Island in Bohol Philippines. Panglao Island is a famous tourist spot with beautiful beaches. It’s top vacation idea for the Philippines. You will love the prestigious coral reefs and amazing beach landscape.

The sands were milky white, the skies were clear blue and the sea was just crystal clear, it was like stepping into a post card!

We stayed in Panglao Island Nature Resort and Spa, which is just a few minutes away from the airport. It was a great resort with large spacious rooms, good food and a friendly staff! I felt like I literally own the place!

But what I really adored was the beach! It was simply amazing! The moment I stepped into the white sands and soaked my feet into the cold waters, I felt like the gates of heaven were opening before me.

For the first time in my entire life, a city boy like me met a real starfish! Yes, a starfish! A big orange starfish about the size of my hand! My family and I also tried watching dolphins. Yes, they have dolphins! And No, they're not the type of dolphins caged inside a zoo, I meant real dolphins that swim out in the open ocean with no barriers what so ever! We even took pictures, and it was fun!

My family and I also had a chance to dive into its depths, and mind you, I was captivated at the thousands of fish and marine life that surrounded its floor. There were colorful corals everywhere! For a moment I felt so overwhelmed at what I was seeing!

It was simply the best experience I have ever had in my entire life! If you're looking for a slice of marine heaven, then Panglao Island might just be the beach best vacation for you!

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