Australian RV Vacation Ideas

Take an Australian RV vacation through the outback. Cross-country RVing is a longstanding Aussie tradition. The continent of Australia is a vast landscape full of all the natural beauty that draws the RV vacationer to the great outdoors.

The Australian Outback is a wide open space just begging you to explore with your motor home. Here you can easily get out where there isn't another human being for miles. Park where you like and enjoy the quiet solitude.

If you really want to feel the independence of cross-country driving, head out across the 2,500 miles of open country that stretches from Sydney, on the east coast, all the way to Perth on the west coast.

Your motor home will really come into its own on those 100-mile stretches without any services. Australia’s weather is quite moderate and enjoyable on the coasts. Crossing the long haul through the interior of the country will find daytime temperatures in the 100’s.

But you can still enjoy the scenery from your air-conditioned motor home. Then when the temperature drops at night and the huge sky is filled with more stars than you've ever seen before, you will forget all about the heat of the day.

Australia is very RV friendly and there are lots of places to rent a motor home for a Australian RV vacation. You can rent one in one location, take off on your vacation trip and drop it off wherever you end up. There are so many places to go and things to see Down Under and there is no better way to get out and explore them all than with a Australia motor home trip.

One of the world’s natural wonders is Ayers Rock, also called Uluru. This is the second largest rock in the world and it’s located in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, 250 miles southwest of Alice Springs.

This huge rock is 1,000 feet high which may not sound so big. But then it’s 5 miles around and it goes a mile and a half down into the earth. That’s one big rock! This is a particularly good place to park the RV and watch the rock shift colors as the sun moves across it. The natives believe that Uluru is the source of the world’s energy and after a visit you may find yourself a believer.

RV Camper

Australia has a large system of National Parks and these make great destinations for you motor home vacation. Mungo National Park, for example, has campgrounds suitable for caravans and camper trailers and is an excellent place to park your motor home and explore Australia’s beautiful landscape.

Mungo National Park was the first Australian park to be listed as a World Heritage site and Lake Mungo is one the world’s most important archaeological sites.

At Kinchega National Park and Stuart National Park you can hike among the red sand dunes of the arid Strzelecki desert. Or view the abundant wildlife unique to Australia like emus and kangaroos.

A great idea for an Australian RV Vacation is to motor out to in Western Australia is the small town on Tom Price. It a couple days drive to the base of Mt Nameless in the Hammersley Ranges. The locals are quite friendly and welcome tourists to share the beauty that they enjoy every day. From Tom Price you can strike out and really enjoy the wild and rugged Australian back country.

The surrounding valleys and mountains are excellent for backpacking around and also get into some off-road 4-wheeling adventure. This is also the site of Karijini National Park. Check in at the Tom Price Visitor Centre for some guidance on how to best enkoy the park. Some highlights are The Joffre Gorge Lookout, Dales Gorge and The Oxer Lookout for some stunning waterfalls and scenery.

Wherever your Australian RV vacation ideas take you as you explore this incredible continent, you can be sure of a friendly Down Under welcome and plenty of natural wonders to enjoy.

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