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Kangaroo Island Wilderness Retreat is a place to enjoy outdoor vacations in Australia. Located off the coast near Adelaide, Kangaroo Island is a unique unspoiled wonder. There is an abundance of wildlife and flora.

The island is noted for its excellent camping, fishing, scuba diving, and surfing. Here you will be sharing your vacation with exotic animals like goannas and echidnas. Plus many other land creatures like wallabies and kangaroos and sea creatures like whales and dolphins.

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June and July is the best time to visit Wilson Island in Australia. This tiny coral cay sits out in the Great Barrier Reef off Queensland. You stay "outdoors" in permanent tents. The crystal clear waters provide a perfect opportunity to enjoy the amazing variety of marine life. The island is also a breeding ground for birds and rare turtles.

Since the 1960’s Byron Bay, Australia has drawn people seeking alternative lifestyles. Today it is also a popular vacation destination located some 100 miles or so south of Brisbane.

Besides the excellent beaches and seaside activities, Byron Bay offers visitors a variety of cultural attractions such as music festivals, potteries, galleries, craft shops, and funky cafés. At the Buddha Gardens Balinese Day Spa you can re-balance your spirit, mind and body in the peaceful atmosphere of a Balinese tropical spa retreat.

Sydney Opera House Photo
Sydney Opera House Photo
The Sydney Opera House is considered by many people to be one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. This is the biggest tour spot in Sydney, Australia. It’s worth a trip to Australia just so you can experience one of the Wonders of the World.

You don’t even have to like opera as most visitors do not attend a performance. It is visually stunning with its distinctive white shell-shaped design. The building is takes up over 4 acres and houses numerous performance halls and restaurants.

Sydney is a top Australia vacation spot and the Sydney Harbor Bridge is a top tourist attraction. It spans Sydney Harbor with eight car lanes, two railway lines, a bike lane and a pedestrian lane making it the world's largest single-arch bridge. It's a beautiful steel arch marvel that the locals call "The Coathanger".

The Sydney Opera House can arrange for a guided tour. The best way to enjoy the views is to actually walk the bridge. It's a half hour trip one way and you can use the ferry or CityRail for your return trip.

The more adventurous will want to take the 3 hour climb to the 440 foot high main bridge arch. Now there's a view you will never forget!

Bridge Climb Sydney Harbour

Here is a vacation idea in Australia that is not for the faint of heart. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Bridgeclimb will take you on a tour of the Sydney Harbor Bridge that has you climbing 440 feet to the top of the world's largest steel-arch bridge. The tours can be done at dawn, daytime, twilight or at night.

Conquer your fears and gain a tremendous sense of achievement. This exciting vacation idea is the premier Sydney tourist attraction and millions of people have done it. It will certainly be an experience that you will remember for a lifetime.

Kangaroo Island Koala
Kangaroo Island Koala
Flinders Chase National Park - The best place to see the famous Australian koalas and kangaroos is Flinders Chase National Park which is on the west end of Kangaroo Island. The island is across the strait from Adelaide and besides the kangaroos and koalas there are plenty of sea lions, New Zealand fur seals, bush-tailed possums and wallabies.

You can sign up for a guided tour at Seal Bay Conservation Park or Lathami Conservation Park, both are on Kangaroo Island. This is a wonderful Australia vacation idea that will provide everyone in the family the opportunity to see the best Australian native wildlife. Kangaroo Island Wilderness Tours offers Australia vacations with experienced local tour guides to help you enjoy the wildlife and scenery.

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