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Australia Vacation Ideas #1: Tasmania - A colleague of mine suggested Tasmania for vacation this year. While I have always wanted to visit Australia, I rarely envisioned Tasmania as the place I would fall in love with.

The capital of Hobart is a bustling town with an unusual mix of city life, art galleries and the relaxed feeling of being at the beach. I traveled to wineglass bay, which I would highly recommend to anyone. The state park offers beautiful hiking trails and gorgeous vistas.

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I have to admit I was skeptical of traveling across the world, but the more I learned about Tasmania the more interested I became. My colleague loved St. John, USVI so I took his recommendation and visited in Feb.

I spent four days in Hobart before traveling to Freycinet National Park...getting there from Hobart was tricky.

There is a bus line from Hobart up to the park, but I opted to drive and see the sights along the way (no Tasmanian Devils unfortunately).

The pics are almost as good as the ones from Trunk Bay in the USVI, plus there is the benefit of having summer in February - Dots from Alice AU

Australia Vacation Ideas #2: Sydney - When I was younger, we went to Sydney, Australia for vacation. Sydney is one of the best tourist spots in the world.

They had a monorail going around downtown which was a lot of fun and a great way to see the city! Another great way to get around is the water taxis. They are fun for sightseeing and they will take you to attractions like the Taronga Zoo, the Sydney Aquarium or Oceanworld Manly.

The first thing I saw in Sydney was Taronga Zoo and it was breathtakingly beautiful. The Taronga Zoo is really fun. They have a ski lift that takes you up the hill to the zoo. (But to get to the zoo, you have to take a ferry or water taxi.)

The zoo has all sorts of animals and is really cool! When you leave the zoo, make sure not to miss the ferry! You can also take a ferry to the world famous Opera House! Sydney Opera House is the major tourist attraction of the city and its design, architecture and beauty is just amazing.

The happening nightlife and harbor bridge are other main tourist attractions of the city. Walking around in downtown Sydney, there are some booths setup selling food, drinks, and cool items. The café’s, restaurants and museums are always there to entertain a first time visitor.

Sydney beaches are the perfect place to spend a cool and calm evening in Sydney. The pleasant weather of the city is suitable to visit the city in any season of the year. Sydney, Australia is a great vacation idea, and if you go there, you'll be glad you did - Ian from Chicago.

Australia Vacation Ideas #3: - Gilda from New York - Here's my vacation idea for your readers - a backpacking adventure vacation for women. A very popular vacation idea for many women is backpacking. This is a great way to get away from the stress of the work place. Plus, backpacking can be a very economical vacation; especially if you stay at one of the many hostels around the world.

The increase in women backpackers has been noticed by the hostels. Many are making changes to accommodate these adventurous ladies. They have designated female-only floors, provided hairdryers and special female-only sanctuaries where woman can relax together after a strenuous backpacking trip.

Women friendly hostels can be found around the world. And they are great for Australia trips.

  • In Melbourne, Australia, the Base St. Kilda Hostel is an upscale hostel popular with women for its super secure rooms and their on-site gym.
  • Cairns Girls Hostel is in Cairns, Australia close to the Great Barrier Reef. It's in a safe and quiet location and the atmosphere is more like a family home than a commercial establishment.
  • The Pink Hostel is a female-only hostel right in New York City near Central Park.
  • St Christopher's Inn - Orient Espresso, London has a female-only wing with lots of "girly extras" to make their female visitors comfortable.

Australia Vacation Ideas #4: The Great Ocean Road is one of Australia’s top tourist attractions. This is a 150 mile long stretch of road along the coast of Australia. It’s one of the most incredible scenic drive spots you will find anywhere on earth. It runs through Victoria, in southeast Australia starting in Geelong and ending in Warrnambool. The views include the rugged coastline, the ocean and the many incredible ocean-sculpted rock formations rising up out of the water along the shore.

There are a number of places to stop to enjoy and photograph the view, walk the trails along the shoreline and in the bush, picnic or explore a lighthouse. You can go mountain biking at Appolo Bay. Go canoeing at Lake Elizabeth. Stop and explore the towns and parks along the way. This is a leisurely vacation idea that allows you to get an intimate Australian experience. You can do a quick one-day pass or spend many days exploring all the wonderful things that the Great Ocean Road has to offer.  

If you are starting Geelong, you can find comfortable places to stay there and then take off and enjoy the scenic drive. Some popular places in Geelong are the Chifley On The Esplanade, B.W. Geelong Motor Inn and the B.W. Admiralty Motor Inn. 

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