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Australia Vacation Ideas #1: South Australia - My vacation to Australia was one of the most exciting trips of my life. There were many new foods to try and so many things to see. Australia was extremely different culturally and visually.

One of my most memorable experiences was going to the Red Ochre restaurant in North Adelaide. They had a gorgeous view right from the restaurant of the cityscape right over a beautiful lake. I cannot imagine how it must have looked once the sun set. I even got to try a Kangaroo fillet! Afterward, I went to the Adelaide Botanical Garden to enjoy the beautiful flowers and art.

Of course, no trip to Australia is complete without snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef and visiting the Sydney Opera House.

These are two top Australian tourist attractions. If time allowed, I would have loved to see a performance in the Opera House. Just seeing the enormous building was a breath-taking sight.

However, nothing compares to the sites of the Great Barrier Reef. There were so many colors and creatures I will never get to see ever again in my life.

For one thing, I will never forget my trip to Australia. I am disappointed that I don't think I will be able to visit there again, I know there are so many other places I would love to see - Jane from NYC.

#2: In Sydney, Australia, the beaches are clean, the water is clear, the culture is rich with history, the architecture is beautiful, and the animals are unique. You can walk along the beaches in Australia, such as Shelly Beach, and find a plethora of intact shells. The sky goes on for miles, and as the sun sets, the water sparkles.

Of course, if you are in Sydney, you have to visit the opera house. You can see musicals, plays, and operas, or just visit and take a tour. There is also the Sydney Sky Tower, but it was a little disappointing because the sky view isn't as spectacular as the views from the coastline.

Naturally, if you are in Australia you have to snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef. I saw hundreds of the amazing, colorful fish such as fish with long noses, fish that were sparkling blue, and fish with zebra stripes. Since I love animals, this was one of my favorite activities, but I also loved going to the Sydney aquarium and the Wildlife Preserve.

All the fish I saw on the Great Barrier Reef were in the aquarium plus thousands more. There were also crocodiles! At the Wildlife Preserve I was able to see animals that I have never seen before. All in all, Sydney, Australia is an amazing place to visit, and was the chance of a life time.

Australia Vacation Ideas #3: Exmouth, Western Australia - Leigh from WA - He was burnt out from work. I was stressed about study. Our salvation came in the form of a holiday to Exmouth, Western Australia (1,270km = 14 hour drive = 2 hours flight from nearest capital city Perth). This little town proved to be the utterly relaxing getaway we desperately needed.

We stayed at the Novotel Ningaloo, paradise, if ever there was one; friendly staff, pristine luxurious room and amenities, amazing restaurant. The town center was small, but had a more than ample range of eateries and supply stores. Of course we went snorkeling every day and saw beautiful coral and marine life, and had picnics on the many beaches – there was literally miles of coastline at our disposal!

The National Park had lots of different walks and hikes of varying difficulties. There was something for the intrepid adventurers (gorges and cliff faces!) as well as the casual strollers, but no matter the level we were always treated to breathtaking views of the land and ocean. 

The icing on the cake was being able to see the sun rise and set over the water in the same day. Nothing calms you and connects you with nature more than that. By the end of the holiday, we were wishing we had booked thrice the time off! I suppose swimming with dolphins, scuba diving, whale watching, aerial tours and fishing will have to wait until we return; Simply incredible.  

Beach and Skyline, Australia's Gold Coast
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Australia Vacation Ideas #4: Gold Coast - As a teacher who works with students with special needs, it is important for me to have a vacation that is relaxing and rejuvenating. My vacation on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, was definitely both of these things! I stayed at the Q1 Resort and Spa, the "World’s Tallest Residential Tower."

I had a luxury self-contained apartment with beautiful views of the pristine ocean, and it was wonderful going to sleep at night, listening to the waves crashing in the background. My visit to the Day Spa attached to the resort was a very pleasurable experience. I had the Mala Mapi treatment, which involved getting my body covered in warm mud, having a head and scalp massage, and ending with a Vichy shower.

I would have loved to have spent my entire vacation in the resort, but there are plenty of other things to do on the Gold Coast as well. I managed to experience some of the many things the Gold Coast has to offer, including a visit to Sea World, and a cruise of the Gold Coast canals with Wyndham Cruises. I plan to return in the future to see more of the sights of the sunny Gold Coast -Sophie from Sydney.  

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