Aurora Borealis Vacation Ideas

Aurora Borealis Vacation Ideas #1: Churchill Wilds is an adventure tour company that offers Canadian vacations to see the Aurora Borealis. They have a variety of adventure tours in Canada where you can view and photograph the beauty of these wonderful natural phenomena.

You can choose one of their northern lights tours or have them create something special exactly the way you want it. Churchill Wild will take you, along with native guides and interpreters, on an unforgettable arctic tundra adventure.

Against the backdrop of the color-lit sky you can experience traditional native tent building and outdoor survival techniques.

The brilliant lights, the incredible wilderness scenery and the wildlife will mesmerize you. Churchill Wild has several luxury wilderness lodges.

They are located in prime locations for your adventure as you seek out the northern lights, polar bears, moose, caribou and beluga whales.

Other adventure vacation activities in include swimming in the Hudson Bay, exploring on a Tundra Tracker buggy, whale watching in a nine-person inflatable boat, bird watching and helicopter tours.

Aurora Borealis Vacation Ideas #2: One the best places to view the aurora borealis is the city of Yellowknife in Canada’s Northwest Territory.

The cold, clear nights here make for optimum viewing conditions. Also, Yellowknife is located directly under the portion of the northern lights where the colors are their most brilliant.

A trip to Yellowknife can be arranged by Fresh Tracks, Canadian and Alaskan travel specialists. Nightly viewing is combined with daytime activities such as Yellowknife’s excellent arctic museum and visitor's center, art galleries with aboriginal artwork, boutiques and restaurants. Also available is the unique and exciting experience of a dogsled ride.

Aurora Borealis Vacation Ideas #3: Here’s a wonderful vacation idea for viewing the northern lights. Bask in the mineral hot springs of Chena Hot Springs Resort in Alaska. This is a great vacation package presented by Alaska Tours.

They can get you a great view of the aurora borealis night lights and also provide you with plenty of opportunities for snow activities like snowmobiling and skiing or rejuvenating in the hot springs.

Aurora Borealis Time Lapse Video

When planning your aurora borealis trip, it is good to keep several things in mind. These lights are natural occurring phenomena and as everyone knows, Mother Nature is unpredictable. There are no guarantees.

The time of year, sunspot activity and other factors affect the light’s color and intensity. The weather plays a part. They are best viewed on a clear night with as little moonlight as possible. Plan on doing your viewing late at night or even in the wee hours of early morning.

You will need to go north, of course, and that means cold. Man-made lights interfere with ideal viewing so journeying out into the wilderness is to be expected.

To do it safely and have the most satisfying experience you should plan on using a professional guide or tour company to provide your aurora borealis vacations. Viewing the northern lights is a unique and exciting vacation idea. Just be prepared for a little adventure.

Aurora Borealis Vacation Ideas #4: While you are in Alaska to view the Northern Lights, why not mix in some great skiing too. Ft. McMurray is an excellent place to do just that. Ft. McMurray is in Alberta Canada and has some great downhill skiing spots. These are non-mountain trails that provide plenty of winter fun.

The Vista Ridge All Seasons Park offers 5 downhill skiing and snowboarding trails, a tube park and ice rink on 35 acres of terrain. A popular place to stay is the Sawridge Inn. Plan your vacation from September through March to see the Northern Lights. That’s also good skiing time.

If you want to join an organized group to see the lights and also to ski, try a company called Alta-Can Aurora Tours. They have a private viewing site near the Sawridge Inn and promise a 90% success rate for viewing the Northern Lights over a 3 night viewing sessions.

Besides the Aurora Borealis viewing and skiing, Alta-Can Aurora Tours can arrange for other activities like a tour of the oil-sands mining area, a wilderness nature walk, lessons in making a traditional native Dream Catcher, experience the little-known but fun sport of curling, sunset photography tour.

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