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Atlanta Vacation Ideas #1: The Zoo Atlanta is a wonderful place for the family to visit while vacationing in Atlanta. Zoo Atlanta is a small zoo, it’s only 40 acres. This makes it easy to navigate for families and enjoy everything that this wonderful little zoo has to offer.

Zoo Atlanta has had great success with their animals reproducing and have many animal families on site including giant pandas, western lowland gorillas, orangutans, chinchillas and Sumatran tigers.

There’s a 5-acre free-range African Plains for lions, rhinos, elephants and zebras. The African Rain Forest is home for families of gorillas. The petting zoo has kangaroos and wallabies. See the monkeys up close from the treehouse viewing platform.

The kids will enjoy the animal themed playground. They can also ride on the carousel and the Norfolk Southern steam powered train that circles the zoo. The zoo also has over 600 species of carnivorous plants to see.

Atlanta Vacation Ideas #2: Atlanta has played an important role in U.S. history. There are a number of interesting historical spots in Atlanta that you can enjoy during your vacation stay here. One of the most fascinating is the Atlanta Cyclorama.

If you have never seen a cyclorama painting, it is something everyone should experience. There are others on display at various locations but this one in Atlanta is the world’s largest.

The cyclorama painting was popular after the Civil War. This one was created by German artists in the mid 1800’s and depicts the Civil War Battle of Atlanta on a huge 360 degree circular canvas that measure over 15,000 square feet.

Viewing the painting puts you directly in the center of this 1864 battle. The battle is further brought to life by the addition a 30 foot deep Diorama in the foreground with figures as tall as 3 feet in height. It’s a stirring experience. The building also has an excellent Civil War museum.

Atlanta Vacation Ideas #3: Just a fifteen minute drive east of Atlanta is the popular Stone Mountain Park. The park is 3,200 acres and offers a huge array of fun and interesting things to do. This is especially a great vacation idea for families.

The center piece of the park is the 825 feet tall granite rock formation, Stone Mountain. This is actually the largest instance of exposed granite rock anywhere in the world.

At the top you can enjoy a 60 mile view of Atlanta and surrounding countryside. A Swiss cable car provides a fun trip to the top. This ride on The Summit Skyride gives you an excellent view of the spectacular Confederate Memorial Carving on the side of the Stone Mountain. Another fun attraction here is the quarter mile long family adventure course, Sky Hike.

Everyone can participate in an adventurous hike through the treetops. It’s challenging and lots of fun. There’s a locomotive themed miniature golf course, a 1940’s era open-air scenic train ride, a spectacular Lazershow, Yogi Bear 4-D Adventure show and lots more.

Atlanta Vacation Ideas #4:
Turtle at Georgia Aquarium
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At the Georgia Aquarium, in Atlanta, the Ocean Voyager gallery is the largest aquarium in the world and features one of the world’s largest viewing windows. With four manta rays, four whale sharks and thousands of fish, this exhibit is alone is worth a visit. But there are over 100,000 animals at the Georgia Aquarium so there is plenty to see.

A unique feature of the zoo is their Journey With Gentle Giants Immersion Program. Here you can actually swim and snorkel right in the exhibit tank along all the fish including the whale shark, the largest fish in the world.

You can also walk through a 100-foot long acrylic tunnel for an underwater look at the fish. The Georgia Aquarium has built an overall fish environment that outclasses any aquarium you will find anywhere.

Atlanta Vacation Ideas #5: MLK, Jr. National Historic Site: Atlanta is the hometown of the famous civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr. The boyhood home of this great American, his family’s Baptist church and other historic buildings are the heart of the most visited area of the city - the 10-block area around Auburn Avenue.

You can visit the birth home of Dr. King but you must do it through a tour led by a park ranger. This can be arranged at Freedom Hall which is at the King Center.

Memorabilia of Dr. King and the civil rights movement can be seen at The King Center as well as the National Civil Rights Museum. Visit the Ebenezer Baptist Church which is operated as a living museum by the National Park Service. Freedom Plaza is the site where Dr. King is buried in a white marble crypt.

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