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Asian Vacation Ideas #1: Bali Indonesia - The most enjoyable vacation I have taken was to Bali, Indonesia. My friend and I backpacked through the island and had an amazing time. All we did prior to the trip was a little research and book a plane ticket. When we arrived at the airport near Denpasar, we asked the cab driver to suggest a safe and inexpensive hotel.

The place he took us to was clean and cheap, but I've forgotten the name of the hotel. I remember that it was in Kuta and within easy walking distance to the shops and restaurants. After two nights there, my friend and I took a local bus to Ubud, which is located in central Bali.

Ubud is known for their local artisans and you can friend furniture, baskets, decorative items, etc., all for a steal. Just remember that you need to bargain them down.

There are also a lot of beautiful temples and tiered rice patty fields along the way. The picturesque moments are endless. From Ubud, we traveled north to Lovina. The north part of the island is known for their amazing diving opportunities.

The particular place we went to was Spice Dive. It’s a well-established diving school with instructors that are both friendly and informative. The visibility in the water was unparalleled.

We saw parrot fish, angel fish, white tipped reef sharks, and giant behemoths that I believe were a type of grouper fish. After diving, we hung out with the instructors. They took us to the local bars and restaurants and showed us non-touristy side of Bali.

The other amazing thing about Bali was the kind of people I met in this country. The Indonesians were extremely friendly and helpful and the other tourists there had a great attitude for adventure. We encountered some other Americans traveling there, but it seemed like there were a lot more European and Australian tourists. - By Sally from Hillcrest

#2: Korea - The vacation that I love was one to Korea. I was on a tour and went to the historical sites in Seoul plus the shopping street that I always wanted to go to, Dongdaemun. Well, I really like Dongdaemun as it is well known as a shopping district, and all kinds of merchandises were sold there. Also, the street food stalls had really delicious foods, like spicy rice cakes and the fish sticks, and they are a must-try.

Seoul World Trade Center
Seoul World Trade Center

Since it was winter then, going to the ski resort is a must as from where I come from, Singapore has summer throughout the year and well, we don't get snow... So I was really thrilled that I was going to ski there, even though I have never went skiing before, and my parents were afraid that I may injure myself because I was inexperienced.

I ignored my parents, and went to ski anyways. It was hard at the start, but after one hour of lessons, I was comfortable and decided to go ski on the amateur slope by myself. The feeling of the wind brushing past cannot be described by words. It’s just that wonderful. Aside from the entertainment attractions, the food culture there is worth mentioning as well.

The foods that they serve there come in all sorts of colors, and looks really appetizing, and most of all, they are healthy, little oil, plenty of rice and vegetables. For all you ladies out there, the cosmetics sold there are really, really cheap, and they are really effective. My mother went crazy because of the price of the cosmetics there compared to Singapore, and the price in Korea is only 60 percent of the price of the same merchandise sold in Singapore.

If given a chance to go to Korea again, I happily do so. Oh, and a final reminder. If you go during winter, (Nov-Feb) you must bring plenty of winter wear as its absolutely freezing there. - By Li from Singapore

Asian Vacation Ideas #3: Hainan, China - Hainan province is a large tropical island. It is located to the south of mainland China, in the South China Sea. It is close geographically to Vietnam and Thailand, and is developing into one of the area's hottest new vacation spots.

Sanya in the south has amazing beaches and five star resorts. Haikou in the north is a medium sized city full of parks and gardens. Quaint little fishing villages line both coasts, providing plenty of "old China" to explore and love. Hainan is well known in mainland China, and had been "discovered by Russian tourists, but remains relatively unknown among Westerners. Despite this, the locals are eagerly studying English and are always ready to help in any way they can. Why not visit China and get a tan, too? - By Eric from Chicago

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