American Travel Destinations

American Travel Destinations #1:

By Beth from New York - We had a wonderful trip when we visited Melbourne, Florida. The highlight of the trip was attending a Washington Nationals' spring training game at Space Coast Stadium - even if the Nats did lose spectacularly. Spring training is pretty early in the beach season, but the weather was nice enough for an afternoon on the beach, although the water was too cold for swimming.

We did some shopping, and of course we played miniature golf and ate plenty of ice cream, as is appropriate to a beach vacation, no matter the season!

Orlando was close enough for a day trip, so we ended our trip by driving to the city for a day at the theme parks. For American travel destinations, Melbourne is great for going to the beach as well as for sporting events.

American Travel Destinations #2:

By Michelle from Chatsworth - The best place to take a family vacation in my opinion is Lake George, NY. I have so many wonderful memories of family vacations there from my own childhood.

We used to go there with my parents every year and we would stay in different hotels each trip.

We would go to the amusement park which at the time was called The Great Escape; it has now been taken over by Six Flags.

But they still have some of the same sections of the same park that include a western theme that has a old saloon where they put on a show that has a gun fight in the streets after a bank robbery.

There is also a train ride where the train gets held up by some outlaws. Another one of the shows that the park has includes the Acapulco cliff divers who dive into a swimming pool. I have so many wonderful memories at that amusement park for me.

I have gone back there as an adult with my parents and my children. It was just as magical with them as it was when I was a child myself.

Downtown there is a boardwalk with the traditional tourist gift shops for all of the vacation souvenirs.

Down the road there is the beautiful Lake George where you can experience a spectacular steamboat ride.

You can tour Lake George for either a quick one half hour or you can choose to take a dinner ride which takes further out on the lake for a 3 hour nighttime trip.

Of all the vacation ideas I have experienced, Lake George, NY has to be by far my favorite and my most highly recommended.

American Travel Destinations #3:

By Winnie from Georgia - One of the vacation ideas that I found the most enjoyable was to Charleston, South Carolina. My husband and I both enjoy history and coastal locations. While in Charleston, we stayed at the Shem Creek Inn. This facility is very reasonably priced and the staff is very friendly. It is located in Mt. Pleasant, just across the river from the City of Charleston.

It is very convenient to great restaurants and tourist attractions. The Inn is located on Shem Creek and we stayed in a balcony room which overlooks the creek. While relaxing on the balcony, we were able to watch commercial fishing boats come and go, as well as pleasure boats.

There are several very good restaurants located near the inn. One of our favorites was the Shem Creek Bar and Grill. Also located on Shem Creek, this restaurant offers the best available local seafood. Other meal choices are offered, including steaks. A full bar is available.

While in Charleston, we were able to tour antebellum plantations, tour Fort Sumter; visit the beach at nearby Sullivan’s Island and Isle of Palms. We also took a van tour which included the downtown Charleston area which has beautiful historic churches and beautiful antebellum homes. The houses on The Battery are some of the finest examples of Southern homes that I have ever seen.

There are so many sights to see in and around Charleston that it will take more than one trip to take advantage of all of the opportunities available. The hospitality in this city and the friendliness of the citizens make this an outstanding place for a vacation.

American Travel Destinations #4:

By Bill from PA - We recently took a vacation to Marble Head, Ohio. We chose this spot because we have family in the area but it’s a good vacation idea for anyone, I believe.

It was the month of June and we stayed in a nice lake side condo. We visited Put in Bay on an island which can only be accessed by boat. It featured the longest bar in the world. The island feel made me totally relaxed and at ease.

A visit to nearby Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio was also a highlight of the trip. Cedar Point is home to some of the greatest roller coasters in the world. The mantis was a little intimidating because it is of the standup variety meaning you stand throughout the course of the twisted ride complete with four upside down loops. T

he Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland was the last stop on the roster. We got lucky and the Beatles had a limited time exhibition. So that was the cherry on the cake of our visit to Marble Head, Ohio.

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