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All inclusive vacation ideas #1: Le Coco Beach Resort on the North East Island of Mauritius, off the southeast coast of Africa is my suggestion for your holiday. We went to a travel agency searching for an ideal place for our honeymoon.

The idea was to go to a faraway destination and an all-inclusive deal so we just can relax and spend our time together as newlyweds. After reviewing some of the suggestions we decided to choose the Le Coco Beach Resort in Mauritius.

Mauritius ocean view with boatMauritius Ocean View

After a couple of long flights we arrived at the resort and the reception was great. They greeted us with drinks and in the Bungalow style apartment a bottle of champagne greeted us with some other lovely decorations.

The resort was great. It offered great pools, a lot of water activities like snorkeling, paddle surfing and jet skiing as well as great food.

Besides the all-inclusive buffet they also had a good choice off à la carte restaurants as well. Since the resort is no very cheap there weren’t any young hard partying groups so the resort was very quiet and therefore very family friendly as well.

Even if you wanted to get away from the resort for a day there was a great choice of trips to explore the island as well. All together Le Coco Beach Resort is a great all inclusive vacation spot for families or honeymooners looking for a tropical getaway to relax body and mind.- Martin from North Carolina

#2: Dominican Republic - The best all inclusive vacation places we tried are in the Dominican Republic and Cuba. My favorite was the trip to Cuba.

We stayed at the Hotel Gran Club Santa Lucia in Camaguey, Cuba which is a 4 star resort. We went as a family which included parents, me and my brother.

When we arrived at the resort we were greeted by all the staff and entertainers with cocktails.

We were informed about general resort times, amenities, restaurants, activities and were given information about an orientation available to all guests for further information.

We went to 1 of the 5 restaurants on the resort. Each restaurant had a vast variety of food and several different stations for specialties such as salad station, pasta station, grilling station and more. There was a buffet restaurant (no reservation) which was open throughout the day and always had delicious food available, 4 al a carte restaurants (advanced reservation) which featured different types of cuisine; Cuban, Italian, grill and seafood.

The food at Gran Club Santa Lucia was always fresh and very delicious; the staff was always open to special requests. There were a variety of snack bars and bars throughout the resort. The beach was amazing; it had crystal clear water, soft sand to walk on, lots of lounging chairs, and of course lots of beach activities. Sailboat rides, banana boat rides and other boat rides were available; some free and some needed to be paid for (cheap).

Some of the activities available on the resort and/or beach include: snorkeling, scuba diving, beach volleyball, kids club, mini golf, ping pong, games room, disco and more. There were several pools (big and small) available for use. There were daily events, games, parties and more organized by the resort entertainers which were a lot of fun.

The entertainers were amazing; great if you have kids or don’t, they always get involved and are really into everything they do.

The rooms were cleaned regularly, but when you’re on an all-inclusive vacation most your time should be spent outside relaxing and soaking up the sun. Me and my family consider this the best all inclusive vacation and will definitely go back. - Manish from Ontario

All inclusive vacation ideas #3: Bulgaria - For a nice all-inclusive holiday I suggest going to Bulgaria, at the hotel Sol Nessebar Mare. hotel Sol Nessebar Mare is near the old town of Nessebar, placed between the woods and the seashore. The hotel has over 300 rooms that each has a balcony and comfortable furniture. The hotel has a pool and is situated very near to the beach. The room design is very nice and most important, it’s not crowded. The bathroom is very clean and the bed is quite soft and relaxing.

The all-inclusive regime that I experienced included three meals a day plus free access to the snack bar. The food was delicious and there was no limit of how much you can eat. The schedule was tight though. Breakfast was at 9 AM, lunch at 1 PM and dinner at 7 PM. At 4 PM the snack bar opened near the pool, and served various drinks, cocktails, pizza and french fries.

The hotel also has activity places like tennis courts. However, these are not included in the all-inclusive regime. You have to pay by the hour to enjoy them. The sea shore is only 10 minutes away by foot, so you can enjoy a sunny day either at the hotel pool, or on the beach. I spent a week there and I must say it was very relaxing and enjoyable. I got to do a lot of fun activities and enjoyed very great meals. - Daniel from Romania

Principe Island Beautiful Girl

All inclusive vacation ideas #4: São Tomé e Príncipe Islands - The place to go is the São Tomé e Príncipe Islands. This is off the southeast coast of Africa. They have at least three five star resorts that include all-inclusive programs. The Ilhéu das Rolas Resort, located right in the Equator Line is one of the best.

It’s the only resort in that small island, and you can have a great time there, with scuba diving, sandy beaches and a year-long hot weather. Excursions to the main island are made by boat, twice a day.

You can book guided tours at a very reasonable price and the local people are very friendly and eager to talk to tourists.

You can enjoy the Portuguese colonial cities and coffee and cocoa plantations, which had hospitals, schools and private rail systems. Local currency is the dobra, which can be exchanged at any bank for dollars or Euros.

Euros are accepted everywhere, since the dobra has a fixed exchange rate with the European currency. Dobras have a very small value and a dollar can be worth more than twenty thousand dobras. Local artisans are very skilled and good sculptures are cheap too. - Alfonso from Portugal

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