All Inclusive Puerto Rico Vacation Ideas

All Inclusive Puerto Rico Vacations #1:

By Munica from Florida - The best all inclusive resort by far is the Copamarina Beach Resort & Spa in Guanica, Puerto Rico.

Since Puerto Rico is a United States territory there is no need for a passport or exchanging money to a different currency. This resort is truly breathtaking, from the gorgeous ocean view room to the amazing backdrop of lush green mountains.

This resort truly has it all. The all inclusive package includes three full meals per day and unlimited drinks at the bar. The food at the two restaurants is to die for. My husband and I have never tasted such delicious and local food. It had our mouthwatering.

This inclusive resort has gorgeous beds spread out all over their private beach. The comfortable beds allow you to sunbathe comfortably without getting sand all over your body.

Copamarina also have various small Tiki huts in the shallow water to protect you from getting too much sun. If you are into recreation then you are in luck! Copamarina provides canoes, sailboats, volleyball, snorkeling, scuba diving, boating and much more.

After a hard day of fun in the sun then you might want to head over to their spa. If you like massages then head over to their spa for a deep tissue massage. As you are getting your massage, facial, mani/pedi or hair styled you can always smell a hint of that fresh ocean breeze.

This resort as an all inclusive package is top notch. It is fairly small compared to other inclusive resorts so the staff caters to the guest more. By our second night the bartender already knew my husband and I by name and our drink of choice. I must say Copamarina is the best all inclusive Puerto Rico vacations idea!

All Inclusive Puerto Rico Vacations #2:

By Edward from Stein - One of the best vacations (all inclusive) I've ever had with my wife was in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We stayed at a very relaxing hotel - Copamarina Beach Resort. The hotel was great although we were mostly out in the warm fresh air people watching and sightseeing.

The people there are incredibly friendly. My wife was treated very humbly by the men; their charm was not seedy, but genuine. Our hotel bar served a very satisfactory pina coloda which taste still lingers in my mouth.

We'd drink a few, walk out on the beach, soak up some sun and make a boat-load of friends. The atmosphere is truly remarkable; almost as if these people you meet live in a utopia. Though we were 'tourists', I basically felt at home with my spouse throughout the entire trip. It would be highly recommended to visit whenever you get the chance. You will certainly not regret it.

All Inclusive Puerto Rico Vacations #3:

By Jenna from Minnesota - The best place to go to in Puerto Rico for an all-inclusive vacation would be the "Dreams Resort and Spa". This was the greatest vacation idea I have ever been to!

My husband and I actually had our wedding there, which they cater to, you have a number of locations on the resort where you can get married, and we chose to do it on the beach by the ocean.

They have 5 restaurants on the resort all with different types of food, they have bars all over the place, lots of activities that you can do around town, like horseback riding, shopping and so on. The resort itself is special, all rooms face the ocean so you have a great view, and the beach is in its own way private.

No beaches are private in Mexico, but the way the resort is there are huge rocks on both sides of the beach and mountains, so the only way to get to the beach is either be at the resort or come in by boat. You don't have a lot of outsiders coming into the beach.

We stayed there for 10 days, and it only cost us 1100 bucks including air fare, it was cheap and wonderful! I would highly recommend this place to anyone wanting to get away, have a memorable wedding, and a great experience.

All Inclusive Puerto Rico Vacations #4:

 San Juan, Puerto Rico
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By Vic from Ohio - A year ago I decided to spend my Spring Break vacation in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I have never been there before and figured that it would be a great four day getaway vacation within U.S. territory and I would still get the genuine island experience.

The hotel my friends and I stayed in was called the Casa Condado and I enjoyed the friendly service and cleanliness of the staff. The hotel was a mere two blocks away from the beach and the sights and smells were amazing!

During the day we would walk around going from hotel to hotel gambling, drinking, and meeting new people. The locals were nice for the most part but at night I heard the term silly gringos a lot, and really didn’t care to.

It was nice to say I visited but I think that was my first and last trip out of the country. When I think back, it seems like everyone that we were paying had smiles and information, but everyone else could have cared less that we were on vacation and just looking to enjoy the scenery and pleasant conversation.

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