All Inclusive Mexican Vacation Ideas

All Inclusive Mexican Vacations #1:

By Arthur from NY - Our family of four recently took an all-inclusive Mexican vacations near Tulum, Mexico. We flew into Cancun International Airport and stayed at the Gran Bahia Principe Coba All Inclusive Resort from January 1-January 6.

Last year we stayed at the same resort over Christmas and had a wonderful time. The travel agency took us in a small bus from the airport to the resort (approximately 1 hour drive). We were greeted by a friendly staff, and welcoming drinks.

Our room was located on the 3rd floor in one of the many small buildings with several rooms. The refrigerator was stocked with sodas, and a few snacks. (if you leave the cleaning staff a tip-$1 to $3 American dollars they will give you more goodies)

The rooms were very clean and tidy as well. There are 3 hotels in the resort: Coba, Akumal, and Tulum. Each one has a beach, 1-2 pools, and a buffet.

No matter which hotel you stay at you can go to all the pools, beaches, and buffets by the trolleys that run through the resort.

The buffets were all nice. Coba is the largest, but we thought Tulum had the best food. Additionally, there are restaurants placed throughout the resort. (Italian, Brazilian, Sea food, Fish, Japanese, Mexican, Gourmet, Mediterranean ect.)

Depending on how long you stay you can choose what restaurants you would like to go to. (We stayed 6 days and got 3 restaurants.) Overall, it was a fantastic stay. The staff was amazing, service was great, and the beaches and pools were gorgeous.

All Inclusive Mexican Vacations #2:

By Shannon from Ontario - I took an all-inclusive vacation to Club Maeva in Manzanillo, Mexico. It was a wonderful experience, one that I treasure. I traveled over New Years with about 7 other female friends on a "Girls-Only Trip".

Because there were so many of us, we ended up in a private villa - at the same price as a regular double occupancy room, but with much more space. Space in the standard rooms on all-inclusive trips can sometimes be at a premium, so this was a great bonus. The resort was across the street from the beach.

In Manzanillo, as in all of Mexico, there are no private beaches. The beach was a standard brown/beige sand, like turbinado sugar. It's beautiful, but remember to bring closed shoes, because the sand gets very hot, very quickly. Wearing simple flip-flops resulted in burned feet.

There were lots of vendors on the beach, and we frequently went to the little market that was located about a hundred yards from the resort's beach entrance.

It's worth paying for a chaise on the beach, because the sand is too hot to just lie on a towel.

The resort is located on the side of a mountain, and it's possible to go horse-back riding through the wilderness areas. Most people forgo the beach and stay poolside.

There are a lot of activities available at the pool, which is so large that it can accommodate a variety of activities at any one time. Learning to scuba, snorkel, water polo, water-based exercise, and just floating around are some of the things that guests can do in the pool area.

Club Maeva in Manzanillo, Mexico

The staff, who are called "instructors" Club Med-style, also perform at various points during the day, and encourage you to participate. It's great for helping you to wind down and get rid of all the stress you've accumulated during the year. The restaurants are wonderful.

Some restaurants charge a premium surcharge. These are usually specialty restaurants like Italian, Steakhouse, etc. They were beyond our capacity as a bunch of college girls on a break. We were happy with the various buffets. We also took one night off from the resort, hopped in a couple of taxis, and toured Manzanillo town.

We had dinner at Carlos & Charlies, which is a popular Mexican restaurant chain, and visited the elegant and exclusive Las Hadas resort, where the movie '10' with Bo Derek was filmed.

On our last day I woke up early and went for a walk around the resort. Imagine my surprise when I saw a little boy running past me with a bread knife, yelling "arriba", chasing a four-foot iguana that had been swimming in the pool! It was a great end to a fabulous all inclusive Mexican vacations. I was left with wonderful memories and an appreciation for Mexico as one of my best vacation ideas..

All Inclusive Mexican Vacations #3:

By Sam from California - When I was younger my family took an all-inclusive trip to Club Med in Ixtapa, Mexico. When we got there they greeted us with fruit juice, I think it was guava and orange.

After we checked in we were taken to our room, which was situated so that we could hear the ocean at night. That was very nice. That evening we went to dinner at the buffet, and they had everything I could imagine. They had breads and meats and Mexican food. The corn bread was the best. This was several years ago now, but I remember my brother and I found some other kids to hang with.

We went swimming all day taking breaks for meals. They also had archery, and circus camp. We got to walk a tight rope and swing from a trapeze. It was a really fun vacation idea and I really recommend it to anyone looking for great all inclusive Mexican vacations.

All Inclusive Mexican Vacations #4:

By Andy from Wisconsin - My best vacation idea is a trip Mexico. The easiest places to go are all inclusive resorts. You can spend all day at the beach go to the bar and grab some drinks whenever you want, and never have to worry about paying for any of it because it is all included in the price.

My favorite days are when I lay out reading in the sun or under an umbrella, having a drink in my hand, then jumping into the ocean and realizing you are hungry and all you have to do is go over to the bar and you can have almost anything you want. They also usually have night clubs.

I would highly recommend taking a trip to Mexico and staying at an all-inclusive resort to have the most relaxing trip you could ever have. My favorite all-inclusive vacations have been at Royal Solaris in Cancun. The beaches there are just awesome.

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