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Alaska Vacation Ideas #1: Alaska Dog Sled Tours in Seward, Alaska - Begin your Alaska trip by climbing aboard for a fun dog sled tour. Fly across the frozen countryside pulled by a team of hearty Alaskan mush dogs.

Alaska Dog Sled Tours can guide you and the whole family will love it. Dog mushing is a tradition in Alaska. Besides the thrill of the ride it’s a great idea for Alaska wild life watching vacations.

The dog sledding will get you safely out into the wilderness where you can view the wildlife such as bald and golden eagles or herds of caribou.

If you don’t want to actually get on the sled and mush the dogs you can still enjoy this vacation idea as a spectator.

Dog mushing is Alaska’s official sport so you will find plenty of races. The largest and best known is the 1,049-mile Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

The world famous Iditarod runs between Anchorage and Nome. Take a ride on a dog sled cart. Learn about the Iditarod race and the dog mushing drivers. Visit the dogs that pull the sleds, even hold and cuddle adorable husky puppies.

Also if you're taking a cruise to Alaska, many cruise lines, like Royal Caribbean, offer dog sledding as a land excursion activity while in port.

Alaska Vacation Ideas #2: Alyeska Adventures in Girdwood Alaska – This is a bed & breakfast in the Chugach Mountains about 38 miles below Anchorage. Breakfast is served with a side of Alaskan adventure. One of their adventures is an exciting Jet Boat Safari on the scenic 20 Mile River.

Travel on Alyeska Adventure’s high powered jet boats up the river to Carmen Lake. Stop along the way to explore tracks of beaver, bear or moose. Try some fishing, have a picnic or just sit back and enjoy the ride. Imagine the sight of a polar bear crunching his way across the ice of the Alaskan turf.

In late September the polar bears travel from the northern ice pack down to the mainland. For the next few months you've got a good chance of spotting as many as a dozen or more of these wonderful creatures.

Alyeska Adventures will also take you to their special fishing spots where you can catch Alaskan Salmon. Have a riverside salmon bake or take your catch back home and enjoy it for dinner.

Alaska Vacation Ideas #3: Alaska Wildland Adventures has been providing adventure vacations in Alaska for many years. They have a wide variety of trips including 9 or 11 day all-inclusive packages, photography tours, sport fishing, bear viewing and ocean tour packages. Alaska Wildland Adventures operates four lodges.
  • Kenai Fjords Lodge is located in the wild and beautiful Kenai Fjords National Park (the only lodge within the park boundaries.)
  • Kenai Riverside Lodge, along the Kenai River serves as base camp for many of their adventure trip offerings.
  • Kenai Sport Fishing Lodge is where the salmon and trout fishing trips take place.
  • Kenai Backcountry Lodge is waaaay out there on a glacier-carved lake and you can only get there by boat. But it's worth the trip! If you really want to get away from the TV and the cell phone and the noise of civilization then this is the place to do it. Immerse yourself in nature, quiet relaxation and some real family togetherness.

Alaska Vacation Ideas #4: Austin-Lehman Adventures is known for top adventure packages around the world. One of these can take you to America's greatest frontier, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. The trip will take you by train, boat, sea kayak, mountain bike, and foot through the glaciers and forests of Alaska.

It's an adventure that's suitable for the whole family including kids as young as seven. You'll stay in cozy cabins on Rock Island, Windsong Lodge in Resurrection River Valley, and the elegant Alyeska Prince Resort in the Chugach Mountains. It's all in the beautiful setting of Kenai Fjords National Park.

Alaska Vacation Ideas #5: Stan Stephens Glacier and Wildlife Cruises - Prince William Sound is one of the best places to see the incredible array of Alaskan scenery and wildlife. You can head out by boat from Valdez for an exciting glacier and wildlife tour of Prince William Sound, Meares Glacier and the Columbia Glacier. These Alaskan boat tours are offered by Stan Stephens Glacier and Wildlife Cruises.
Alaska Vacation Ideas #6: Another excellent and award-winning cruise is offered by Prince William Sound Glacier Cruises. These tours provide a chance to view humpback and orca whales, sea otters, seals, bears, sea lions and other wildlife. Hear stories from the boat’s captain and crews about the local history such as the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill, life among the native Alaskans and gold and silver mining.

This year don’t stand in line at that same old theme park or lay around getting sunburned on the crowded beach. Get some real excitement and see a beautiful part of our country on an Alaska family adventure vacation.

Alaska Vacation Ideas #6: Whale Watching Tour is a great idea for the whole family. You can typically also see many other types of marine birds, porpoise, humpback whales and the occasional Orca. Whale watching tours can be found in Glacier Bay/Gustavus, Homer, Juneau, Kodiak, Pelican, Petersburg, Prince William Sound, Seward, Chichagof Island, and Valdez.
Alaska Vacation Ideas #7: Take a trip to the Arctic Circle land of the midnight sun where the summer sun never sets. Solstice Point at the foot hills of the Brooks Range is a favorite with locals for Mid-night Sun Weddings! Enjoy the majestic scenery of the taiga and the tundra.
Alaska Vacation Ideas #8: Have you ever seen a Bald Eagle? Try the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve near Haines, Alaska. Thousands of these beautiful birds migrate here in the fall months because it's a natural feeding grounds that gets them ready for the cold winter. October through January is when they can best be seen.

Along the Haines Highway leading out of Haines you can numerous walking trails and spots to stop and watch the eagles. These are great photo opportunities. To see this unique gathering is to witness a true wildlife phenomenon of international scale.

Alaska Vacation Ideas #9: Tour the Columbia Glacier, located just 30 miles from Valdez. At 435 square miles, it's Alaska's largest tidewater glacier. Alaskan tour companies offer trips to see up-close these wonderfully huge chunks of ancient ice. The Columbia Glacier is actually receding.

The process is causing huge blocks of ice to create an impassible moraine. Floating ice fills the bay in an ever changing frozen landscape. In fact this floating ice works its way out into open waters to interfere with shipping. This was a factor in the infamous Exxon Valdez oil spill.

Alaska Vacation Ideas #10: Admiralty Island, Alaska is the place to go for the best bear watching. This is home to the Pack Creek Brown Bear Viewing Area which is world famous as one of the top bear sanctuaries.

You can watch the bears from the safety of the observatory deck at the Traitor's Cove Bear Watching Observatory. This is a wonderful vantage point to observe and photograph the bears as they feast on the salmon that are fighting their way upstream to spawn. These tours and more are available at Dolly Varden Alaska.

Alaska Vacation Ideas #11: The Alaskan towns of Skagway and Dyea were the jumping-off points for the for the 600-mile trek to the goldfields along the Klondike River in Canada's Yukon Territory. Klondike Goldrush National Historic Park offers exhibits and displays, restored buildings, ranger presentations and films about the world famous Alaskan Gold Rush of the late 1800s.

My most memorable vacation was a cruise to Alaska that I took with my father. I had no idea how beautiful it was going to be! We went in late June, early July and the weather was beautiful: mid to upper 60's every day!

I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a fun family vacation or a romantic getaway. Unlike a Caribbean cruise, where you see only water while traveling to the port cities, the Alaskan cruise is filled with scenery!

The mountains come up right from the ocean; it's the most beautiful thing. The ship also passed by the Sawyer Glacier, which was incredible! The one regret we have is not splurging for the balcony room, because there is so much to see! We opted for Norwegian Cruise line, which was great, because it was very laid back and let you go at your own pace.

There were no clocks in the rooms, so you woke up whenever you wanted, the food is included in the price (all you can eat!). There are great kids programs where the kids can meet other children their age while the adults can be alone.

The ships have pools and hot tubs on deck along with bars (for the adults) and ice cream! There were also shows each night: comedy, musicals, concerts, etc. There were many activities to choose from while on board the ship that anyone will be able to find something to enjoy. In the port cities, there were a lot of things to choose from.

You can schedule excursions with the cruise line ahead of time or you can just hang out in the city and shop/sight-see. Some of our excursions included kayaking, a tour on a pedicab and whale watching. Others to choose from included helicopter rides, dog sledding, etc. The excursions were a great way to see all that the city had to offer in a short amount of time.

This vacation idea is an unique experience and well worth it! It is perfect for all ages and family sizes. The cruise experience is great in and of itself, because you get to visit many different places without hauling luggage around and getting lost. - By Taryn from Colorado

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