Alaska Family Vacation Ideas

Alaska Family Vacations #1:

An RV is a very popular fun and economical way for families to explore Alaska. And you don’t need to own one; just rent one for the duration of your vacation. Anchorage has quite a few RV rentals where you can get a fully equipped RV for very reasonable rates.

You are now mobile with all the comforts of home and, with some proper planning, ready to set out into the gig beautiful Alaskan landscape.

Places like Denali National Park, the Kenai Peninsula, the transatlantic Pipeline and mountain ranges Talkeetna and Chugach are all ripe for exploring in your RV.

Be sure to bring your sunblock, mosquito repellent and don’t forget to fill gas tank at every opportunity.

To find an RV to rent, try Alaska Travel Adventures. They are one of the biggest and best.

Besides the RV they can help you with your planning and they have lots of suggestions for creating the perfect itinerary for your family trip.

Alaska Family Vacations #2:

Alaska vacation ideas in the winter can be a rewarding experience for all. Bundle up and enjoy the natural beauty and adventure of Alaska.

Alaska is one of the best places to see the incredible "Northern Lights", the Aurora Borealis. This natural phenomenon paints the night sky with drifting bands of light in an endless variety of colors and designs.

The best time of year for this Alaska vacation idea is March through October. Include this in your Alaska vacation ideas for something you will remember for a lifetime. An excellent place to view the Northern Lights is The Chena Hot Springs Resort near Fairbanks. You will be surrounded by pristine wilderness as you relax in the “Healing Waters” of the hot springs.

Many visitors over the years claim the mineral waters can heal all manner of afflictions but you be the judge. At the very least you will have a pleasurable experience. Besides the springs and the Aurora Borealis there is a whole host of other outdoor activities available.

Alaska Family Vacations #3:

Denali National Park really shows off the splendor of Alaska. A great way to enjoy it is by train on the Midnight Sun Express.

Princess Tours offers this fantastic trip. It runs along the path between Fairbanks and Denali just the way the old Alaska Railroad used to do. You can customize the trip to your needs and stay in their wonderful riverside lodges.

Alaska Family Vacations #4:

Another good way to enjoy your family vacation in Alaska is on a cruise. April through December is the best time. There are many Alaska cruise lines to choose from but a good example is Cruise Alaska. The whole family can enjoy the glacial splendor of the Alaskan Inside Passage. View wildlife such as humpback whales, sea lions, brown bears and eagles.

Alaska Family Vacations #5:

For fun Alaska vacation ideas how about a stay at the Aurora-Express Bed and Breakfast in Fairbanks, Alaska. This unique vacation spot makes use of Alaska Railroad cars. These are authentic rail cars which have been renovated to historical periods.

They are parked on 16 acres of wooded mountain land providing you with panoramic views of the Tanana River, the Alaskan Mountain Range and the City of Fairbanks. These are all actual train cars that have been refurbished to provide a comfortable, cozy and unique place to enjoy the beautiful Alaskan countryside.

Alaska Family Vacations #6:

Alaska Native Heritage Center
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A very popular cultural attraction in Anchorage, Alaska is the Alaska Native Heritage Center. Here you can learn all about the Native traditions and customs from the past as well as the present day.

Workshops and demonstrations provide a hands-on learning experience. Other fun ways to participate is to learn the traditional Native dances. You can also join in the performance of ancient Native ceremonies. Play Native games and learn how to survive in the Alaskan wilderness. The center and museum are located on a lake and contains five traditional villages with guided tours.

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