Alaska Adventure Vacation Ideas

Alaska Adventure Vacations #1:

The Lodge at Whale Pass is a multi-sport adventure lodge vacation idea in Alaska. The Lodge is located on Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska.

This is the heart of the Alaskan wilderness and your friendly hosts at this vacation resort will see to it that you have the adventure vacation you are looking for.

The adventures are all based out of The Lodge and you can pick from a wide variety of activities that all take advantage of the beautiful and wild surrounding landscape. Everything from kayaking and caving to glacial tours and day-cruising the Inside Passage and more.

Alaska Adventure Vacations #2:

A very popular rock climbing spot is the Chugach Crud along the Seward Highway near Anchorage. Ruth Gorge in Denali National Park has Wickersham Wall, also known as The Tallest Mountain Face in the World.

Alaska Adventure Vacations #3:

Explore the Arctic Circle with Alaska Adventure Tours is another vacation idea. Visit the Inupiat Eskimos and share in their whaling culture, traditional dances, mask making, skin sewing, and Eskimo games. Tour the Prudhoe Bay Oilfields. Lodge in historic cabins overlooking the Yukon.

Alaska Adventure Vacations #4:

If you enjoy off-road adventure, check out Alaska ATV Adventure when you are planning your next vacation. They have guided ATV 4-wheeler tours out in the mountains around Eagle River, Alaska. Ride trails along the shoreline of beautiful Eklutna Lake, past Serenity Waterfall through the heart of the Chugach Mountain Range.

Climb 2000 feet to the high alpine meadows of Hidden Valley where bear, moose and eagles can be seen. If you like you can include a kayak tour of the lake which is fed from the run-off of Eklutna Glacier. Or try gold panning, fishing, mountain biking, trap shooting.

Vacation Ideas Alaska Adventure #5:

How about a Glacier Bay Small Boat Cruise by Alaska Discovery Wilderness Adventures. The 12 passenger MV Sea Wolf will provide your cruise on the bay. Soak in the beautiful scenery of this great Alaska vacation spot.

Glacier Bay is perfect for Alaska wild life watching vacations as there is a large variety of wildlife such as otters, black bears, wolves and moose, hoary marmots and whales. You will enjoy kayaking and climb up the mountain next to Lamplugh Glacier.

Alaska Adventure Vacations #6:

Alaska Discovery Wilderness Adventures also offers spectacular arctic hiking in Caribou Pass. You fly to the Native community of Arctic Village and then over the Brooks Range and on to the lower Kongakut River. There are lots of short walks and day hikes with plenty of opportunity for viewing and photographing the abundant wildlife.

Great Vacation Ideas in Alaska #7:

"Off The Beaten Paths" has some great Alaska vacation ideas for you. They combine camping, Copper River rafting, sea kayaking, fly-in alpine hiking and wildlife exploring. It’s eight days of real adventure for the hearty soul.
Sea Kayaking Alaska Glacier
Photo by Sheila

Alaska Adventure Vacations #8:

A great way to enjoy the incredible beauty of the Alaskan wilderness is with the adventure outfitter Alaska Discovery. They have guided tours of the Alsek, Kongakut, Hulahula and Tatshenshini Rivers.

These river rafting and hiking adventure trips are in the magnificent Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the vast preserves of Kluane National Park Reserve, the Yukon’s premier wilderness area, the Tatshenshini-Alsek Wilderness Park, and Glacier Bay and Wrangell-St. Elias National Parks. This is one of the few remaining places where you can experience the pristine and untouched glory of nature.

Adventure Vacation in Alaska #9:

Adventure Alaska Tours has some great Alaska vacation tour ideas for you. You can choose 5-16 day tour packages that are based on various themes such as sightseeing, dog sledding, hiking, canoeing, photography or natural history. Whether you want to stay in a lodge or rough it camping, they can accommodate you.

You can explore the Arctic and take a "swim" in the Arctic Ocean, canoe the Yukon River with a stop at the Gold Rush town of Dawson City or try your hand at sled dog mushing while attending the Iditarod Race in Anchorage. Adventure Alaska Tours specializes in off-the-beaten-path tours and adventures for all ages.

Alaska Adventure Vacations #10:

Alaska vacations offer tremendous opportunities for outdoor adventure activities on the edge. Alaska has an extensive collection of rock climbing spots and most require a long haul just to get to them. Most are best accessed by plane. Gates of the Arctic National Park has several peaks over 6000 feet tall and is considered top notch granite climbing.

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