Alaska Adventure Vacation Ideas

Alaska Adventure Vacation Ideas #1

For this year’s vacation your family has voted for an Alaskan Family Adventure Vacation. There are many organizations who specialize in adventurous vacations to just about any country that you can name.

One of the most popular adventure vacations for Alaska is the Whale Sighting Tour. The migration of Gray whales happens in the spring as they are on the move through Alaskan waters to arrive at their feeding grounds in the Chukchi and Bering seas in the summer.

The tour companies typically plan their cruises to match the whales’ cycles to provide the best sightings for the tourist. There are many cruises to choose from such as single day trips as well as multiple day trips.

Depending on the time of the year and the location you may see minkes, humpbacks and some killer whales, (their official name is orca).

Some of the companies to contact for boat whale watching trips are: Seward AK Small Ship Cruises, Alaska Whale Tours and Dolphin Jet Boat Tours.

Be aware that there are many types of tour packages available. Some companies offer a combined whale and glacier cruise to completely enhance your visit to Alaska.

Alaska Adventure Vacation Ideas #2

Continuing on from #1 we would like to introduce you to a somewhat different way to Whale Watch. You probably know that kayak rental is a popular sport in the USA-48. It is just a popular in Alaska, however, there is a bit of added adventure.

Tour packages are available for whale and glacier watching from the vantage point of a kayak. These tours are well organized and are very safe and also very successful. Some of these tours also include camping out on shore. Sea kayaking in Alaska rates high on the rankings of the best wildlife and wilderness adventures.

We might add that the view of a glacier or an iceberg from a kayak is awesome and is a photo-op to remember. Alaska’s beauty is everywhere you look, so open your eyes and "come-on-up". Some of the companies that offer whale watch kayak tours in Alaska are Sea Quest Expeditions, Back Country Safaris and Spirit Walker Expeditions. The tour guides are highly qualified and very knowledgeable.

Alaska Adventure Vacation Ideas #3

Another adventurous vacation opportunity in Alaska is Wildlife Viewing. Due to the varied location of wildlife habitats these type of tours are generally limited to one or two species although there are exceptions.

For instance, when you are on a Brown Bear safari it’s important not to be distracted looking for other species. Other animals that can be viewed are Eagles, Osprey, Hawks, Moose and Caribou.Of course, whenever you are viewing wildlife you can also be getting spectacular photographs. Don’t worry, the animals will be glad to stop and pose for you.

Some of the companies offering this type of a vacation are Great Alaska International Adventure Vacations, Alaska Adventures Unlimited and Thomson Family Adventures. These organizations study the various animals and create plans for each tour that will bring the tourist the most bang for their buck.

Alaska Adventure Vacation Ideas #4

Following on the theme of #1 to #3 you can easily guess that Hiking Tours are also popular in Alaska. These tours usually follow a theme such as photography, natural history, sight-seeing, wilderness or eco. We will also include in this category: canoeing, dog sledding plus indoor camping in lodges and outdoor camping in tents or shelters. This type of tour usually is scheduled from one day to two weeks. For any of the land tours be sure to keep an eye out for bird watching, berry picking and some spectacular scenery.

Some of the companies that provide hiking tours in Alaska are: Adventure Alaska, Austin-Lehman Adventures and Alaska Wildland Adventures. Be sure to check the qualifications of the guides for any tour or safari.

You might want to look into Lodges that have tours centered about their unique location. Be sure to use the internet and the telephone to be sure that your choice of a vacation plan satisfies the whole family.

Alaska Adventure Vacation Ideas #5

River Rafting is big time in Alaska. Yes, everything in Alaska is big. With thirty nine world class mountain ranges there is plenty of water flowing down hill to support the 3,000 plus rivers. This all means that you can find the highest adventure level of exciting rafting right here in our 49th state, Alaska.

There are several tour companies who have checked out these many rivers to find the ones best suited for each level of tourist interest. They all offer a variety of personalized packaged tours from novice to experienced and it is obviously important for the tourist to pick the right level for the most enjoyable raft ride.

River Rafting brings people together in ways that no other sport can do. The teamwork required in this sport develops a comradeship that can last a lifetime. The evenings around the fireplace at the lodge cement those friendships as you discuss the day’s excitement.

Of course, a little singing around the fire might make the cement a bit stronger. Companies that offer this type of vacation are: Chugach Adventure Tours, Nova and Nenana Raft Adventures.

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