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Alabama Vacation Ideas #1: For a scenic drive that shows off the beautiful Alabama countryside, look to the 93-mile long Lookout Mountain Parkway.

This scenic road trip takes you from the town of Gadsden, Alabama all the way to Chattanooga Tennessee. Green roadside signs mark the way as you explore and enjoy the sites that include waterfalls, farmlands, rolling hills, canyons, small villages, preserved state and national parks.

The Lookout Mountain Parkway is considered a national treasure and one of America’s Scenic Drives.

Some places to stop along the way include Little Canyon National Preserve, Desoto State Park, Rock City (known for it’s incredible rock formations), Noccula Falls Park (90-foot waterfall).

Another spot along the trip is Ruby Falls where you can take a guide tour of the 145-foot underground waterfall.

Alabama Vacation Ideas #2: When thinking back on vacations I've had in years past the one that always stands out in my mind is when I went to Orange Beach in Alabama.

The beaches are a beautifully bright white, like sugar, and the water is a bright emerald color. I stayed at the Perdido Beach Resort which is a beautiful hotel with two restaurants and a generous indoor/outdoor swimming pool.

Within ten minutes driving distance there is a wonderful restaurant called the Oyster House and about twenty minutes away there is a huge outlet mall. My mother and girlfriend loved spending the day combing through the Nike, Gap and Old Navy stores located at the outlet.

Though they enjoy a day of perusing stores I enjoy the Gulf State Park where you can fish or simply watch the breeze blow across the dune grass. For the money, Orange Beach is the best spot I can think of for a vacation. It's family friendly and there's something there to satisfy all the members of my family. - By Johnny from Birmingham

Alabama Vacation Ideas #3: Conecuh National Forest in Alabama offers outdoor activities among the hardwood trees, winding creeks and ponds. Fishing is a big pastime here. One popular spot is the Open Pond. It’s a 30 acre body of water chock full of bluegill, catfish, bass and other fish. Blue Lake Recreational Area is another top fishing spot. You can camp here and swim in the lake. There’s even a beach for you to enjoy.

The 20-mile long Conecuh Hiking Trail is right there for easy access. Along the trail you will find the Blue Springs which is a large natural springs with clear cold water. Snaking through the Conecuh National Forest cypress and dogwood trees is a 50-mile section of the Blackwater River. The river is shallow, sandy bottomed and slow moving. This makes it a popular place to explore the forest in a canoe.

Alabama Vacation Ideas #4: Mobile is a great vacation idea in Alabama. Mobile is located on Mobil bay on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Being a waterfront town you will find all the fun that comes with the ocean; fishing, seafood, water sports.

Visit in February for the annual Mobile Mardi Gra Festival with family friendly parades and celebrations. Spring brings blooming azaleas brightening the landscape with beautiful lush flowers and other foliage.

Visit the Bellingrath Gardens for 65 acres of azaleas, roses, chrysanthemums and other flowers for year round beauty. This is an especially wonderful place to visit during December for the Magic Christmas in Lights display. Visit the waterfront shops and attractions downtown.

Some notable things to see in Mobile include the battleship USS Alabama docked at the waterfront; Fort Conde a reconstruction of a 1720 era French fort; the Phoenix Fire Museum; Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.

Alabama Vacation Ideas #5:
Waterfall in Little River Canyon National Preserve
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You can enjoy top-notch hiking at Alabama’s Little River Canyon National Preserve. The preserve is located up in the northeast corner of the state along the Georgia border. Along with excellent hiking, the preserve has first-rate white water rafting and kayaking on the Little River.

The Canyon Rim Parkway snakes through the area’s canyons, cliffs, forest and waterfalls with overlooks offering stunning views of the mountain landscape.

The Little River Canyon National Preserve is also popular for fishing, biking and canoeing. In the Backcountry Area there are 23 miles of dirt roads that provide a great place for mountain biking and horseback riding. The canyons provide an excellent place for rock climbing but be aware that the difficulty level is very high so it is considered mostly for expert level climbers.

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