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Africa Vacation Ideas #1: Amboseli National Reserve is a great Africa vacation spot for viewing elephants. This is one of Kenya's most popular parks with a population over 650 elephants.

The park is only 25 miles from the famous Mt. Kilimanjaro which provides a beautiful backdrop with its snow-capped peaks rising up into the sky. Along with the elephants you will find large herds of zebra, impala and wildebeest.

Amboseli National Reserve is also home to the cheetah and black rhino which are both on the endangered species list.

In fact there are more than 50 large mammal species and 400 species of birds residing in the park. Summer is the best time of year to go for viewing wildlife.

The rugged landscape, Mt. Kilimanjaro in the background and the variety of animals makes this a prime candidate for the top of your list of vacation ideas in Africa.

And while you are there, be sure to sample the local Matoke (mashed plantains), nyama choma (goat barbeque) and the Tusker beer.

Africa Vacation Ideas #2: Many consider Aksum, Ethiopia to be the holiest city in the country.

In fact, Aksum is thought to be the location of the original Ark of the Covenant which contains the Ten Commandments.

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church has a museum has an impressive historical collection of Bibles, crosses and crowns.

Aksum has been an important part of the development of Christianity in Africa since the fourth century.

For anyone interested in religious historical sites, Aksum is a good vacation idea to consider. Visit the 17th century church, Our Lady Mary of Zion where the Ark is supposed to be located. See the enormous carved pillars in Aksum's ancient stelae field. Nearby Aksum you can visit the ruins of King Kaleb's Tomb, the Queen of Sheba's Palace and the 6th century Abbe Pentalewon Monastery.

Africa Vacation Ideas #3: Ait-Ben-Haddou is a UNESCO World Heritage site located in southern Morocco in Africa.

This is a friendly village that offers an excellent array of Moroccan architecture and wonderful views of the surrounding river valley.

The beautiful Sahara desert landscape, the fortress-like straw and mud red pise towers, dusty streets and small cafes have made Ait-Ben-Haddou a popular spot for film makers.

In fact the town has been called the Hollywood of Morocco. It's a great vacation spot in Africa. The scenery is stunning and a lot of visitors like to jump into a 4x4 vehicle to explore that canyons, gorges and snowy Atlas Mountains.

Ait-Ben-Haddou has many fine craft shops where you can peruse through an excellent selection of traditional carpets and ceramics.

Senegambia Beach, The Gambia
Africa Vacation Ideas #4: The Gambia is a very different vacation idea. Travel to a West African country for a beach holiday? Sounds strange, but Europeans have been doing so for the past several decades. It's no wonder why: warm, white sand beaches, delicious tropical food, and the atmosphere of a safe, friendly, English-speaking African country are hard to resist.

You'll fly into the airport at Banjul, the capital of The Gambia, where you'll get a taxi to the beach area, called Senegambia. There, there are many hotels catering to sun holidays, some all-inclusive and some not. Eating in the Gambia is delicious, with fresh fruit and fish being the staples.

Around Senegambia you'll find lots of artisanal crafts and wood carvings being sold for reasonable prices, and if you're feeling brave, venture a short taxi ride away into the city to experience the markets, where you will see everyday life in the Gambia. Annoyances to watch out for a include pickpockets, and the notorious 'bumsters,' who make a living off of seducing foreign tourists.

Those easily-avoidable issues aside, your trip to The Gambia will be a unique and exciting getaway where you can spend your days lying in a hammock, swimming in the warm equatorial Atlantic, or exploring West African culture. - Mischa from Colorado

Africa Vacation Ideas #5: The longest running tourist attraction just may be the famous Pyramids of Giza. For centuries the pyramids, along with The Sphinx, have captivated and mystified both vacationing visitors and learned scholars from around the globe.

The pyramids of Giza are one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World and the only one that's still around. Located in Egypt, they are so popular that only several hundred visitors are allowed in each day. Be prepared to wait in line because it's first-come-first-served entry.

Besides the three pyramids and the Sphinx, you should also be sure to see the Egyptian Museum, Ahmad Ibun Tulun Mosque and The Khan el-Khalili Market. A dinner cruise down the Nile or a camel ride in the desert are fun vacation idea activities.

Africa Vacation Ideas #6: In Zambia you can take a vacation visit to one of Africa's prime wildlife sanctuaries - Luangwa National Park. Located in the beautiful Luangwa Valley this park is known for being the home to large numbers and varieties of wildlife.

People who are interested in game watching can see rare black rhino, buffaloes, leopards, roan antelopes, lions and hartebeest.

Birding is a big draw here with over 400 species of birds calling Luangwa National Park home. The Luangwa River flows through the park. The river's yearly flooding helps maintain the park's rich and productive ecosystem.

A good way to explore the park is a walking safari based from a remote bush camp. There are lodges along the river or you can stay in a luxurious safari camp, a budget chalets or set up a camping spot.

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