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Here are some ideas for an affordable Disney vacation trip. I recently went on a trip to Disney with my family. This Disney vacation could have been pretty expensive. However, we tried many useful strategies to help us save money. For example, a ticket to just one of the Disney parks was rather expensive.

However, if you are going to more than one park, you can pay smaller extra fee and obtain three more tickets to any of Disney’s four theme parks.

Disney Princess Costumes
Disney Princess Costumes
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The tickets have to be used within six months, so you have plenty of time to go that weekend, or plan a whole new vacation!

Also, it is important to do research on the hotels you stay in, because you can really get great discounts by staying in hotels that are merely 2 miles away from the theme parks.

Our hotel was not only very economical, but they gave us a complimentary credit of $50.00 which could be spent on anything from ordering movies in the room, to buying some pizza in their immense food marketplace.

All in all, Disney can be a cheap vacation idea, you just need to do your research! After all, Disney is the place where dreams come true. - Katherine from Florida

In April we took our four kids and went to Disneyland, in Anaheim, California. While we were there, we stayed at the Quality Inn Anaheim Resort, which was a 5 minute walk from the main gate of the park.

It was basically a motel; the rooms were small but clean and adequate for our needs, and a great self-service breakfast was available for free.

We spent the majority of our time at the Disneyland Resort. We enjoyed the rides there, but did find food inside the park to be pricey and a bit limited.

Restaurants are located just outside the park, so it was possible to stay within our budget. The trip was definitely worth it.

Disneyland is a place that can be enjoyed by all ages. Even my elderly mother-in-law was able to go on some rides and had a good time. - Zak from Texas

Cheap Disney Vacation Ideas

I did not find it challenging to keep cost affordable for our vacation to Disney World with my family last fall. The airfare was our biggest expense, while day-to-day meals is where we cut the most corners. Our hotel was relatively inexpensive since we had a "value resort." Our room was equipped with a small fridge which became essential for saving us money.

We loaded the fridge with water bottles and produce; we brought the bottles with us to the park each day, filling them at water drinking fountains when they were finished, and used the produce to cook dinners every other night. We took advantages of one "character meal" that was all you can eat buffet, which turned out to be a great idea. It was certainly the biggest meal of our stay and we came away with great photos.

We also had breakfast in our room before heading out each morning. It was simple keeping cereal in the resort, and we brought some granola bars with us to park along with the water bottles.

Lastly, I think we saved the most money by resisting the souvenirs sold at every corner of the park. As a family we stuck to only one souvenir each-- a classic Mickey Mouse hat. Choosing an iconic souvenir like the mouse ears provided a cohesive close to our trip together. - Emma from Boston

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My family went to Disneyland last year and for our family, saving money is always on our minds. We drove down to California, saving money on airfare, and stayed with family in the surrounding area about an hour away from the park.

Those two things on their own saved an estimated $1,000 to $1,500 and to take it even further, we refrained from eating out at restaurants or fast foot shops. Instead, we simply shopped at a local supermarket for sandwich fixings and drinks.

By staying with family close to the park, not only did we have a wonderful Disney vacation on a budget, we got to visit with family, which made the trip even more satisfying.

With all the money we saved, we were able to have a meal within the Disney Park and even have money left over for snacks, all while still saving more money than we even thought possible and staying on budget. - Jeremy from Oregon

My family and I went to Disney World a few years ago on a very tight budget. We looked at several different options for saving money since traveling from half way across the country was going to be very expensive. We didn't have any family or friends in Florida so besides the plane tickets we had to rent a car and pay for a motel the week we were there.

I looked online and found a great deal on a resort just within 20 minutes from Disney World. My family had to watch a 1 hour video but it was well worth it because they gave us a large discount for doing so. The plane tickets we paid normal price for. Before leaving I searched online for rental car deals and found the best one for $150 cheaper than any other car rental.

We saved a lot of money on food by shopping at a local grocery store and cooking at the resort instead of eating out. Disney is one of the best vacation ideas ever. But to keep your vacation affordable, I suggest you search online for the best deals before leaving. This saved my family hundreds of dollars and I know it would save other family's money too. - Shelly from Wisconsin

Tips to save money at Disney World

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