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Lookout Mountain in Tennessee is a great spot for a hang-gliding adventure vacation in the US. The hang-gliding facilities up in Lookout Mountain are one of the best known and most popular in the country.

Here you will find lots of wide open space to glide in and excellent fast rising thermals. The flight park here can accommodate a wide range of skills so don't feel you have to be an expert to participate.

If you are a real beginner than Raccoon Mountain can help you get started. It's near Chattanooga and High Adventure Sports, located here, can give you the basic instruction you need. They also have two hang glide simulators. You can get a feel for the action and soon you are ready for the real thing.

Idaho’s Salmon and Snake Rivers are popular vacation spots for riding the water adventures. The waters vary a lot so that there are places where families can jump in for calm relaxing fun that includes the kids who don’t have a lot of river rafting skills.

One way for all to make the best of what the Salmon and Snake Rivers have to offer is a river trip package from Row Adventures.

This is one of the premiere outfitters anywhere and they know how to arrange a vacation water adventure trip that suites you and your family's needs. They have been doing it since 1979. They cater to families and make sure that you get full enjoyment of your trip.

The water is warm; the rapids are intermediate (safe but enough to get the adrenaline pumping); camp and swim on the white sand beaches; take off on short fun hikes to explore nature and visit historic sites of the Nez Perce Indians or pioneer homesteads.

The American southwest is canyon country with the Grand Canyon being the most famous. Nearby the Grand Canyon are two national parks. This area of southern Utah is the perfect spot for outdoor adventure vacations.

Take the family on a family safari with Natural Habitat Adventures. They offer a family canyon adventure trip that is designed specifically for families with kids or grandparents. The physical needs of the family members are taken in to account when planning the trip.

You will hike and explore the beautiful countryside at Grand Canyon, Bryce canyon and Zion National Park. Natural Habitat Adventures limits the size of their nature expeditions so that everyone can fully participate in and enjoy the experience. Natural Habitat Adventures also has canyon safari expeditions that are designed for travelers without children.

Mule Ride Grand Canyon
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By Nate from Ohio - I visited the Havasupai Indian Reservation that is located in the bottom of the Grand Canyon when I was 17. It was an amazing experience. Starting with the journey into the Canyon it was about a five mile trek to the actual village, starting late afternoon was not the best idea when the sun goes down so does all the lights in the village.

Amazingly this reservation has a working hotel with power that was actually very decent. Waking up the next day excited to see the village it was like walking around a third world country.

This is the only place still in the United Sates that the postal service still uses mules to bring in the mail. Putting aside the unattractive village the landscape was breathtaking. Huge canyon walls on both sides and this small village in between them seemed almost unreal.

The biggest attraction for visitors is the amazing water falls. Several falls are located less than a mile hike out untouched my modern inventions you truly feel like an explorer. A couple days at the bottom of the canyon was enough to take in the majestic blue green falls of this gorgeous place on earth.

Lastly getting back was on horseback that could be rented from the tribe it was an amazing experience to ride your own horse out of the canyon. This was not a typical horseback tour you could ride as fast or slow as you wanted just as if you were in the 1800’s exploring the canyon.

There is plenty of opportunity for outdoor adventure in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. REI Adventures has several getaway adventure trips here. The beautiful Baker River Valley is the location of a very popular rock climbing spot, Rumney Rocks.

This is one of the top spot-climbing spots in New England. REI has a trip designed for beginners. They will teach you the ropes and include some hiking and swimming. The Appalachian Trail runs through the White Mountains.

REI has a fall vacation trip, when all the leaves are changing colors. This is a guided hut-to-hut hiking expedition. During the winter they have a hut-to-hut snowshoeing trip through some of the more challenging trails in the area. For something more vigorous, REI offers a wintertime climb of the iconic Mt. Washington along with a neighboring summit.

If your family is into vacation adventure like snorkeling and diving or you just love animals, you can satisfy your passions while at the same time making a contribution to scientific research. Earthwatch Institute is a non-profit organization which allows adults and teens to use their snorkeling and diving skills to aid their scientists.

You will help protect whales, dolphins, sea otters and endangered marine animals. Earthwatch Institute has expeditions around the world that need help observing, monitoring, photographing, tagging various animals and their habitat.

You will be with scientists and guides working in places like Belize, Costa Rica, Bahamas, Philippines, Puerto Rico or other spots around the world. The work is often hard and you will spend long hours out in the environment. But this could be one of the most rewarding and memorable adventures you ever embark on.

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