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Hello, I’m Peter Shannon and thanks for visiting 1001-Vacation-Ideas.com. This is my personal collection of vacation ideas, vacation spots and things to do on vacation.

Some people collect coins, or dolls or antique trains: I collect vacation ideas. Over the years I’ve collected thousands of ideas for places to go and things to do. I want to share them all with you here on this website.

From the unique and exotic to the most fun places and popular spots: you will definitely find something new to think about.

The information provided here is intended to simply point you in a direction you may not have thought about before. I'm not selling you anything. My pleasure comes from knowing that you may be enjoying a fun vacation after reading one of my ideas on this site.

I am continually adding new suggestions so come back to see what's new. It’s all free and easy to browse through. Relax, take your time. Have fun! God bless you and I wish you all a safe and wonderful vacation.

Thanks for stopping by.  

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