A beach in Hawaii is my favorite vacation idea

by Rick

Wakiki Beach Hawaii

Wakiki Beach Hawaii

The beaches of Hawaii are what I enjoyed most during my last vacation. Towards the end of summer I went to Oahu. I am from NYC, and prior to my trip the only beaches I had been to were the beaches of Long Island.

Now I'm not saying that the beaches in LI aren't nice, I mean the Hampton's are pretty spectacular during the summer. But partly what makes them so is the people, the crowds, the social life.

But the beaches in Hawaii are something entirely different. Their beauty is the raw beauty of nature. The beaches could be empty, and you would still feel like you're in paradise.

From the crystal blue green waters that at first I thought was Gatorade it was so colorful, to the soft white/pink/black sand between your toes, and to the sea turtles that popped up every few feet along the shores.

It was just natural beauty at its best. It makes my heart ache just thinking about being back there. And that is why the beaches of Hawaii are what I enjoyed the most about my last vacation.

P.S. My last full day there, I was walking around Lanikai beach (nicest beach on Oahu!), and I ran into this beautiful girl just sitting on the shore playing a harp. A beautiful girl, playing a harp. Overkill Hawaii...overkill.

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