10 Best Vacation Spots in US

#6: Niagara Falls is certainly one of the best vacation spots USA. Just think about it – an avalanche of water roaring (and we do mean roaring) down the river and then cascading out into space to be dashed on the rocks below. You can stand on the river bank and feel the power or let the Maid of the Mist boat tour take you so close that you will feel the spray on your face.

Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls

This is not for the faint of heart. The area around the falls provides many ways to enjoy your vacation such as museums, park facilities and a variety of sites for viewing the falls from every vantage point.

Look into the Niagara Adventure Theater. They show a special film of the history of the falls. The most interesting thing for a first time visitor is probably the history of the many dare-devil attempts to ride over the falls and live to tell about it. But most of them didn’t.

#7: The Rocky Mountain Range extends almost 3,000 miles North and South through several of our Western States plus Canada and Mexico. For those who have never experienced the grandeur of this Mt. Range here is a suggestion for your first experience. Try a driving vacation from Denver, CO to Salt Lake City, UT.

Starting in Denver on Route 70 and driving west you see splendor of the Eastern ridges from many angles. About 60 miles from Denver you approach the Continental Divide which is an imaginary line of the highest points of the range. Conveniently for you the Eisenhower Memorial Tunnel straddles the imaginary line to save you from the steeper roads at the top.

At this point you have ascended 6,000 ft. above Denver. Of course there is the option of proving your exploratory mettle by driving the alternate roads.

Leaving the Tunnel begins the next phase of your adventure. Your goal is to follow Route 70 through Colorado and on into Utah and on the Salt Lake City via routes 50 and 15.

What you will begin to observe is that every 100 miles or so the topography and rock structure change significantly and that each change has a unique grandeur of its own.

Along the way there are many interesting side trips which can enhance your vacation experience and it wouldn't be against the law to have some fun in both Denver and Salt Lake City. Explore dinosaur country around Denver and Salt Lake City on the Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway.

A Video Visit to Cape Cod

#8: Cape Cod Massachusetts is a wonderful place for a summer vacation but to have a great Cape vacation you must learn some basics.

  • In the summer the water temperature on the shores that face Cape Cod Bay (the North side) is a bit too cold for swimming whereas the temperature on the side facing the Atlantic Ocean (the South side) is always perfect for swimming.
  • As a result, the Ocean Side is where the majority of the vacationers go and this is the place for the active person.
  • Because The Cape is a first class vacation spot, you need exceeding patience to get around due to the amount of traffic. It is therefore advisable to learn all of the back roads.
  • The North side is less developed, more laid back and more picturesque. Just perfect for a quiet vacation.
Okay, you’ve got the basics, now go out there and enjoy the great beaches, great restaurants, great boating of all kinds, great fishing, and great local people.
#9: Ocean City, Maryland - My favorite vacation spot is Ocean City, Maryland. I have been vacationing in Ocean City every summer since I was 15, I am now 38. No matter how many trips I might plan in a given year, I always spend one of them in OC. If you love the beach, Ocean City is the vacation spot that can be fun for anyone.

Francis Scott Key Family Resort
Francis Scott Key Family Resort

Whether you are single or looking for a spot to spend a week with the family, Ocean City can cover it. There are a ton of options as far as accommodations, from 1 or 2 day hotel/motel stays, to multiple week condominium rentals. One of my favorites is the Francis Scott Key Family Resort. Our whole family loves the fun family theme and activities.

You can also choose to stay in the busiest to the quietest areas, on the beach or just off the beach. I love spending sun up to sun down on the beach and head to a late dinner at many of the area restaurants. Whether there is a new restaurant you want to try, or one of the landmark spots like Phillips Seafood, the food is always great. Every summer I look forward to my trip down to Ocean City, Maryland. - Mike from Ocean City

Washington DC Cherry Blossom Festival

#10: Washington DC - It has been suggested that every US citizen should visit Washington DC once in their life. Considering all that DC offers, that’s not really a bad idea. Of course, when you do, you’ll probably start by visiting the White House, the Capitol and the Washington Monument. However, don’t stop there!

Did you know that the Smithsonian Institution has nineteen museums? The most interesting for the general public are the National Air and Space Museum, the National Museum of Natural History and the National Museum of American History. Of course there are many Memorials for our famous forefathers such Lincoln, Jefferson and FDR plus several War Memorials.

Should you plan a spring vacation be sure to time it to catch the famous Cherry Blossom Festival. Although Washington DC doesn’t have the pizzazz of a Disney theme park, all in all, it has much to offer and it’s a wonderful place to take the family. Check out Washington DC Tours – From the White House to the Smithsonian.

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